The Ordinary Skincare Review….

The Ordinary Skincare Review….

There hasn’t been a brand discussed in the beauty industry with as much curiosity for a long time then  ‘The Ordinary’.  Appearing in blogs, vlogs and beauty pages, these little glass bottles of formula are creating ripples through the multi million pound market.

I, of course jumped on the band wagon and needed to see what the hype was all about! The Ordinary ordered through the site DECIEM is a brand that focuses on the clinical formulations of products rather than the ‘insensible pricing strategies’ many companies chose to adopt, hence why the price tag is so reasonable! I’m talking £8 for the Advance Retinoid 30 mls of anti ageing, anti pollution serum that revivals (and as some top beauty bloggers say is better than…) Sunday Riley’s Luna priced at £85.

I apply this before bed onto clean skin and let it work its magic overnight. This milky liquid absorbs really quickly and a tiny drop spreads really far. My skin looks refreshed and ready for the day plus ready to help make up glide on and stay on which is a big bonus!

My second purchase was the Hyaluronic Acid which attracts up to 1,000 times its weight in water and after applying 2 times a day my skin feels so hydrated and plump from deep within. A drop of this really feels like to are taking positive steps to looking after your skin, its feels like a treat!

I love how much science is involved with each formula and by being part of an umbrella brand of science led beauty, you can rest assured that the technology gone into each pipette bottle has been lovingly created.

DECIEM also doesn’t test on animals or pay others do so along with its ethical sourcing and open enquiry policy this company really appears to be ticking many  boxes!

I  100% notice my skin feels hydrated and appears brighter when using these products and I can feel when it needs a additional few drops of the Hyaluronic acid for an extra boost! plus it primes perfectly.

If you are looking for a serum which promises hydration or anti ageing the check out the two above, they seem like a steal for under £10 each and I cant wait to try more from the range.

Love Harriet x



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