The most amazing cookies you will ever bake….

The most amazing cookies you will ever bake….


Prepare yourselves for the most amazing gooey cookies you will ever make! This recipe will give you 12 large soft cookies and if you follow this method then I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!




200g unsalted butter (make sure its room temp and soft)

300g Caster sugar

275g Self raising flour

65g Cocoa Powder

Dash of milk

1 large egg

600g of chocolate pieces- I used milk, white and dark chocolate broken up



*Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

*Cream the butter and sugar together

*Add the egg and mix in

*Add the flour, cocoa powder and dash of milk – mix into a delish cookie dough.. try not to eat any of it!

*Add in the pieces of broken chocolate

*Line baking trays with baking paper

*With your hands roll the mixture into 10 cookies

*Place the cookies onto the baking tray – They may look small but they expand so leave space between them!
*Bake for 11 minutes – this is the perfect time trust me!!

*Let them cool completely ~ Put the kettle on or pour an ice cold milk and enjoy!




Love Harriet x




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