Self care Sunday……

I was listening to The Motherkind podcast episode ‘The art of self care’ with guest speaker Suzy Reading and it left me feeling so positive, accepting and not afraid to admit to myself or others that we all need a bit of self care. Suzy explores and explains what self care actually is, it doesn’t always have to be as extravagant as a spa day or weekend away but it can be as simple as a quiet moment with a piece of cake and cup of tea or attending your favourite gym class.

I have known for ages that for me to be at my best attending a Body Pump class for an hour twice a week makes me feel a million times better, a moment to just focus on the exercise not only benefits my body but also my mind gets a chance to switch off or even process the day!

My ultimate favourite self care indulgence would be a massage or facial but as Suzy explains sometimes these acts can be tricky to pull off with childcare, expense and timing, it can mean they turn into a stressful situation and defeat the object (not all the time and ohhh I am 100% all for a treatment- this wont stop me) Sometimes slowly savouring a piece of chocolate, in my PJs once Sonny is in bed feels like the golden ticket and soooo fulfilling!

Looking after yourself and making yourself happy is important for everyone at any age, parent or not however, I’ve talked about Mum guilt before here and sometimes self care can get mixed in with dreaded mum guilt. I make plans and then feel guilty asking for a baby sitter and worried about judgement when it’s probably not even there. I know its not just me, us mums need a break but so often stress about asking for it!

Finally that bit of ‘me’ time that we so desperately need to keep us sane has a title which just making it seem so much more acceptable! I totally recommend you look at Suzys work, its a ‘pick-me-up’ for sure!

Enjoy that quiet cuppa

Harriet x


Looking after yourself….

I am a massive advocate of taking time for yourself, whether its a quiet walk by yourself, an exercise class or if your lucky an amazing spa treatment, I think that taking some time for yourself should be a priority… a priority in order to keep sane!

We all have busy bustling lives, juggling many different priorities and often leaving our own needs to the bottom of the pile. I know before I had Sonny I was running between a million different things, over booking myself and burning the candle at both ends big time!

Now that I am a mum, the overload has truly blown up. I obviously now have a massive priority that takes up the majority of my time (which is fab, may I add) however, the other jobs haven’t gone away, throw part time work into the mix along with the normal house, day to day tasks and you have yourself a busy ol’ cocktail right there!

I’ll grasp onto any remains of a social life I can plus I am lucky to have a husband who understands an exercise class is a great remedy for me to switch off.

I know  I ‘m starting to feel like a re-charge is needed, my energy levels feel decreased, my skin looks lack lustre and I just feel a little bit mehh…Its time for a little pinch of ‘me’ time to get some sparkle back, sooooo a date with myself will firmly be on the cards soon!

In the meantime I’ll get way tooo excited about my evening wind down routine of make up off, pyjamas on, cup of tea, something sweet in hand whilst firmly planted on the sofa! Its the little things like this, a little breathing space, good for the soul!

mag strawb 2


What are your favourite things to keep yourself happy and looked after? I’d love more ideas…

Love Harriet x