Fathers day….

I wrote back in March about my love for mothers day (here) so it only seems right that we give our fathers and also our husbands who are fathers a big pat on the back too and what better way than Fathers day…

As much as I love celebrating Mum, I’d love to celebrate and thank my Dad  and also thank Ian for being such an amazing dad to Sonny. Whilst thinking about this post it struck me how lucky I am to even feel inspired enough to write a post like this. So many people I know (or have met along the way) aren’t close to their dads, they didn’t have a strong presence in their life which makes me sad but also lucky that I feel close to the males in my life and value the importance of fathers just as much as mothers.

I have a lot of character traits similar to my dad, I have always admired his hard work and determination along with his passion for family time, making sure we catch up and socialise with each other, I really enjoy spending time with him and Sonny loves his granddad too!

I also need to say how lucky Sonny is to have a dad like Ian, not many dads seem as secure or confident with their baby/toddler and I have witnessed many dads panic at the thought of being left alone entertaining them, not Ian! Sonny and Ian have so much fun together on their own, some amazing bonding time and Ian is not afraid to parent just as much as me! I am obviously very thankful when they go off on a swimming date together and leave me with a little peace. Sonny has such a fantastic role model and I wouldn’t want to parent with anyone else!

Big love to the dads who are doing a good job, I still think unfortunately there are many who could take a lesson from you!

Love Harriet x


My baby Sonny is turning 1 Today!….

I’m writing this post as my little baby boy Sonny is turning 1 today!!! Happy birthday gorgeous Sonny!!!  I think it’s a perfect day to press pause, just for a second and reflect on this first crazy year as a family and a first time mum

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Mum and Baby Favourites….June

Can you believe it’s now July? Whatt!! Without sounding too much of an old lady this year is flying extra fast!…Anyway I have a few things for you that I’ve been loving this month, All mum and baby related:

Sonny is 10 and a half months old and is hectic..totally amazing but very hectic! There is so much discovering, exploring and learning to do, thrown together with our ‘on the go’ lifestyle means that come bed time we are all in desperate need of some major zzzzzzz

Here is a little collection of what I’ve loved in June…

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