Playing host for my favs….

Spring is here and when spring is here it means fun things happen, one of them being my birthday early March! Cue Harriet diary planning mode AS IF I need a reason!!

My birthday week was so lovely with lunches out, coffee dates with all my favourite people (insert emoji with heart eyes!!) I also loved playing host for a girlie gathering, yep a bunch of beautiful ladies coming to eat our favourite food including lots of cake, celebrate and wellll just have some gorgeous girl time!

One of my favourite parts is displaying the treats in pretty little plates and bowls, for some reason this weirdly pleases me and I know the organiser freaks out there love this too. Selecting all the yummy party food, I mean come on party food is just the best isn’t it?! Most importantly just having all your ladies (or guys) together in a comfortable setting for unlimited chatting time is the BEST!

With summer round the corner, I can’t wait for BBQ and Pimms parties!

Love Harriet x



Bye to the Garden Party Summer Season….

The warm summer filter that’s been gracing us so nicely is slowly fading and before we know it the ground will be hidden by crisp autumn leaves…Yep its nearly that time to say goodbye to some of my favourite summer traditions for another year.

Let me say firstly,  I love being British, especially relating to the traditions us Brits unite in and adore, this includes some of my ultimate favs:  summer garden parties, buzzing bbqs and park picnics – Basically our excitement for when the sun peaks out briefly for a few months, the rays hit and suddenly we are dusting off the rattan, bringing out the melamine and prepping the Pimms before we can even utter the words ‘Al Fresco’

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Last weekend…. Ramble, Patchetts and a 90th!

Last weekend saw Ian’s brothers travel 5 hours down to Devon with our nieces and nephews, the reason for this visit? Celebrating their Nans 90th birthday on Sunday….can you imagine seeing the world through a 90 year olds eyes? The stuff she’s seen (insert monkey emoji with hands over eyes)


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