Playing host for my favs….

Spring is here and when spring is here it means fun things happen, one of them being my birthday early March! Cue Harriet diary planning mode AS IF I need a reason!!

My birthday week was so lovely with lunches out, coffee dates with all my favourite people (insert emoji with heart eyes!!) I also loved playing host for a girlie gathering, yep a bunch of beautiful ladies coming to eat our favourite food including lots of cake, celebrate and wellll just have some gorgeous girl time!

One of my favourite parts is displaying the treats in pretty little plates and bowls, for some reason this weirdly pleases me and I know the organiser freaks out there love this too. Selecting all the yummy party food, I mean come on party food is just the best isn’t it?! Most importantly just having all your ladies (or guys) together in a comfortable setting for unlimited chatting time is the BEST!

With summer round the corner, I can’t wait for BBQ and Pimms parties!

Love Harriet x



Planning your wedding…..Budgeting and Choosing your suppliers

This is the second post in my Wedding planning mini series..I’m going to cover 2 subjects here..budgeting and choosing the correct people to supply your BIG day; as with all my wedding posts I will be wearing my wedding planner hat and my ‘once been a bride’ hat.

Big factor obviously when planning a wedding is budget..Budget is the backbone and a major staring point of any planning. Budget can cast a bit of a shadow over your dreams and bring you down to reality with a bit of a bang, so lets eliminate that harsh thud and make sure you are well equipped from the get go!

Right before I even started looking at venues, dresses and other finer details, I created a spreadsheet listing all the items you would be paying for -wedding magazines and google are great places to get a substantial list! Don’t forget factoring in presents for your wedding party or honeymoon costs, there’s a lot of random things to remember! It doesn’t have to be a massive formulated technical mass of excel but a handy place to store all your info and if you are a dab hand at =sum**blah blah,then even better.

Once I had my list, I  prioritised what was important to us… I knew that a photographer was important to me by my experience of being a coordinator, an experienced photographer is priceless; they don’t interrupt your day shouting at your guests to huddle in a group shot, make you stage those -insert cringe emoji here – moments and generally take over or worse over run delaying food service ahhh can you tell I’ve witnessed these disasters?!

Flowers were another thing that I wanted to spend on and as I crafted a lot of my own decorations and favours saving money that way meant I could factor a higher cost of some beautiful blooms. On the flip side, I didn’t want a fancy car or need to add extras such as canapes, so I cut back on things like that in order to balance out the budget.

Another tip is to shop around, ask friends for recommendations and source multiple quotes then share your findings with other suppliers they may match that figure in order to secure the business! OoOhh don’t forget to check whether quotes are inclusive of VAT or if this is to be added on..that can sting!

Along with budget, another important part of planning is choosing suppliers, these people can really embellish your day or add elements of unwanted stress if not planned properly.

From an industry perspective, we at our venue have a list of our favourite suppliers, we’ve seen their work and are happy to point them in our clients direction…this is quite a big deal and I recommend you speak to your venue to see who they think know will enhance your day and perhaps have created a similar vision before. Asking the venue for recommendations also means it will save you a load of time trawling the internet and getting lost in all the companies plus the supplier will know the venue therefore, eliminating a bundle of questions, they will know what works well and offer experience and guidance.

When the venue recommends a trusted supplier, they have their contact details so they can chat on the day meaning the Bride and Groom wont be hassled also the venue can rest assured  that they will turn up and perform to the highest quality, sighhh of relief for the Wedding party!

One final tip, Wedding fairs..not only great places for free cake samples and leaving on a sugar high but a fab place to see the best suppliers local to the area, a casual place to chat and meet companies without feeling to formal. Suppliers also demonstrate their work and bring portfolios to look at sooo its a quick way of narrowing down your search without any awkward encounters.

I hope this helps a little but any questions then free to tweet, comment or email..

Love Harriet x




Valentines day…Love it or Hate it?…

Valentines day; I feel like it divides people, some people love it, they go all out with scheduling a restaurant dinner, buying expensive gifts; the 14th February has been earmarked in their diary with plenty of hope for romance! You then have the haters, the people that spend the day glaring at their loved up colleagues, avoiding the over commercial supermarket aisle and use the phase ‘makes me sick’ whilst rolling their eyes for those cupid induced 24 hours.

Me…well I think I sit in the middle. I am a girl that loves an occasion, a birthday, anniversary, easter and my new fav mothers day. I like to have something to look forward to, getting people together, eating cake and celebrating something, so valentines for me is a nice day to note but not in an over the top way! I like to give and receive a card and of course some pretty flowers go down a treat but as regards to making a massive song and dance I’d rather get our favourite food in and watch a nice film. I don’t want to abandon it altogether but I certainly wont be going major gushy for one day as my husband would say in the cliché manly way…Its about everyday not just one…

Enjoy whatever you do

Love Harriet x





Clear blue skies, crispy orange leafed floor and that bitter chill in the air, this can only mean one thing….one thing that I love..Autumn is here and its officially time to reach deep into the back of that wardrobe and pull out those coats!

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