Happy New Year!….

Wow its crazy to be writting this on another New Years eve!

2017 has been a year filled with fits of laughter, plenty of fun, a good few learning curves and also new discoveries! Another year to cement amazing friendships, the year my gang of 8 started to turn the BIG 3-0 and my little man turned 2!

We were lucky enough to attend 3 truly beautiful weddings, each different but each equally stunning! Welcomed new humans into the world, stepped foot onto my favourite cornish beaches and just generally had a blast!

I thought I would just post a handful of 2017 highlights……Happy new year,I wish you the best 2018, full of health and happiness

Love Harriet x


Sonny you are 2!

I literally can’t believe it was a year ago that I wrote Sonny’s first birthday post ! 730 days you have been with us and my goodness you’ve grown into such a little character! I look back and think that first year was such a shock to the system, some days felt super long but the months altogether went quick! We were learning so much and speeding into this massive world of parenthood.

Fast forward, year 1 to year 2, don’t get me wrong hasn’t been easier but it hasn’t been harder, we’ve learnt that we actually are making such an impact into your little life. The affection that you show has surely come from what you’ve received? Your knowledge and development is so rewarding to witness, you really are giving back to what we are so happy to put in.

Everyday we are amazed at something you’ve done or said and you have that power to stop us in our tracks…my heart skipped when you sang ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ on your own whilst walking down the stairs or when we spot diggers and you shout ‘I see it mummy’ literally my womb aches!!

Of course I have never needed a more peaceful evening cup of tea or sweated as much (even after many HIIT sessions) as I do when you sprint off towards a busy road, throw your dinner all over the floor that I literally just cleaned or throw a tantrum in a very public place…you really know how to rise the ol’ body temperature!

18 Months onwards has really taught me patience, I mean repeating ‘hitting hurts’ ‘don’t bite mummy’ ‘you’ll break your toy if you throw it’ a million times a day will push even the most zen of people over the edge!

All that being said I take the repetitive talk and the massive task trying to teach you right from wrong on, I’ll take that as the flip side is so worthwhile, your little face when you get excited over ‘Bing’ or we treat you to an ice cream is just too adorable! The excitement you show us is just way too bloody cute!!

So my little friend roll on 2-3 years, I cant wait to go on more adventures and just generally have more conversations with you, you really are amazing and such a little mate!

Happy birthday for the 17th!

Love you Sonny x


Let it go…

No I am not talking Frozen although I know let it goooo… let it gooo is ringing round in your head right now?! Soz about that!!

What i’m talking about is not stressing the small stuff, not worrying about what people think so much and letting go of that little thing that bothered you yesterday and just plain move on.

I am a million percent a worrier and the silliest of things can play on my mind, I annoyingly can’t brush off comments that others can and with my mind running at 10000mph I really need to calm the f*** down sometimes!

I am not one for resolutions but I am most certainly one for evaluating and moving forward; Soooo this year I am going to work on letting go of silly things bothering me, you cant change them and they are never as bad as you build up in your head. I’m going to work on brushing off anything that really isn’t worth sinking in and not waste precious time stressing. This year I will be happily skipping along giving myself a break and learning to switch off (hopefully)

Love Harriet x


In Search of Balance….Diet, Exercise and a Healthy mind


Until my mid twenties actually… until NOW, the last couple of months, 2016, post baby and closely reaching my 30’s, for as long as I can remember, I have worried about how I look.  My outer image projected to the world, my body shape, the size of my clothes; all this festered massive worry and self doubt.

Its only now that I feel like I have a different attitude, I am much happier in myself and I feel sorry I wasted over 14 years with such a negative image and outlook.. I just want to give my teenage self a massive hug and explain that the 90s waif-like trend of size zero, represented by Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton etc was not ‘normal’ this what not something I should ever aspire to be!

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