Let it go…

No I am not talking Frozen although I know let it goooo… let it gooo is ringing round in your head right now?! Soz about that!!

What i’m talking about is not stressing the small stuff, not worrying about what people think so much and letting go of that little thing that bothered you yesterday and just plain move on.

I am a million percent a worrier and the silliest of things can play on my mind, I annoyingly can’t brush off comments that others can and with my mind running at 10000mph I really need to calm the f*** down sometimes!

I am not one for resolutions but I am most certainly one for evaluating and moving forward; Soooo this year I am going to work on letting go of silly things bothering me, you cant change them and they are never as bad as you build up in your head. I’m going to work on brushing off anything that really isn’t worth sinking in and not waste precious time stressing. This year I will be happily skipping along giving myself a break and learning to switch off (hopefully)

Love Harriet x