5 Apps I am loving…

Recently I’ve seen a lot of bloggers sharing their favourite apps and I am enjoying reading what everyone else is loving #noseyparker soooo I thought I would share my top 5 just in case anyone fancies discovering something new? Obviously I love all social media…Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, they are my ultimate time wasters and fantastic ways to communicate business wise and personally… plus…. with twitter its all about ‘live’ time and being relevant, perfect for keeping up with friends, finding a new restaurant deal and checking traffic before I venture up the M5!

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Fear of Missing Out….FOMO

We are all guilty of staging the odd Instagram shot, making an average day seem even more amazing on our Facebook status… these little snippets are thrown in amongst our more organic and natural content and there’s nothing wrong with that however, the flip side to the coin is that somewhere out there perhaps that new sparkly photo/post/snapchat has added to someones niggling feelings of FOMO (Fear of missing out)

I think its natural to feel a little envious of your bestie who is currently sunning themselves in Greece, cocktail in hand whilst you are sat looking out to grey skys or your work colleague who has just uploaded a snap of their new designer handbag you’ve drolled over for months whilst you’re left using your very loved but old bag to save the pennies….that natural envy isn’t malicious or mean, it spurs us on, creates talking points and is just totally natural.

FOMO can be risky and sometimes may stretch that little bit further. I’d say I’ve only had a couple of experiences when its really sucked me in and got to me; One occasion was after a terrible night with Sonny waking up alot, teething and experiencing a little viral rash on his torso, I was worried for my little baby, tired and upset, grabbing a second whilst he was drinking his bottle, I checked Insta to see a mum totally loving life with her little one, everything looked so perfect with big teethy grins…SCROLL DOWN.. to then see a friend had uploaded a pic of her weekend night out, full make up, gorgeous new outfit, no care in the world and for some little reason I found myself with little tears..for that second I felt really jealous, was I missing out? was I doing something wrong? If I had taken a selfie there and then with hair in mum bun, no make up with big bags under my red eyes, accompanied by an upset baby…It would need more then a strong filter!

I think knowing and reminding ourselves that we all have great days and we all have crap days, understanding that we are all in different stages of life doesn’t cure FOMO but it helps to accept it.  So my friends smile, like that pic, high five your friend and move on, knowing it will be your turn soon.

A comforting snap of someone else have a ‘FFS’ moment is always welcome though… just as a reality check!

Love Harriet x