Happy New Year!….

Wow its crazy to be writting this on another New Years eve!

2017 has been a year filled with fits of laughter, plenty of fun, a good few learning curves and also new discoveries! Another year to cement amazing friendships, the year my gang of 8 started to turn the BIG 3-0 and my little man turned 2!

We were lucky enough to attend 3 truly beautiful weddings, each different but each equally stunning! Welcomed new humans into the world, stepped foot onto my favourite cornish beaches and just generally had a blast!

I thought I would just post a handful of 2017 highlights……Happy new year,I wish you the best 2018, full of health and happiness

Love Harriet x


Bovey Castle our Afternoon tea spot this weekend

October, the month that brings lots of birthdays, not only my lovely Mum but 2 of my closest friends, both called Laura, both 30 this year, both amazing and both deserving something extra special to celebrate this milestone!

Bovey Castle was the perfect place to gather the group and enjoy an afternoon giggling, sipping tea and indulging in sugary treats until we hit coma status. The smartly dressed waitresses greeted our table with plates of delicate deliciously filled finger sandwiches, warm homemade scones with lashings of cream and jam plus a cake layer to put a smile on even Paul Hollywoods face…we were in our complete element, 100% my happy place!

Bovey with its 5 star AA and luxury listing was amazing from start to finish, from the valet parking through to the velvet chairs in the dining room the vibe of the hotel felt so much more welcoming then I had experienced in previous years, a castle can easily feel stuffy but Bovey felt light, friendly and glam! The afternoon flew by in a haze of giggles, stories and present opening and even though it was typical blustery October weather, we still managed to soak up the views of the Moors




An afternoon with my girls was exactly what I needed and Bovey Castle played the most perfect host!

Love Harriet x



Making Friends when your an adult…

You think when your little, you’ll meet your friends in reception class aged 5 and grow up inseparable, you’ll be each others Bridesmaids, God parents to their children and everything will be perfect because you swapped pogs and had matching pencil cases.. friends together forever.

A lot of people are still firm friends with their little mates they made way back when and that’s so sweet but in reality alot of people aren’t still in contact because we grow, we change and maybe the same taste in pencil case doesn’t equate to the same interests or outlooks in life.

I know I found my best friends around college age, I met people who shared the same genuine interests as me, all at the same stage of life, just starting to go out clubbing…we shared many chinese meals for 1, swigging lambrini whilst working out how the hell you put make up on or god forbid mastering fake tan. We got to know their parents because we stayed over every Saturday night. Growing and learning together, a great time to make some firm friends for life.

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Hiding in the Forest with the Girls….Part 1


During our ten years of friendship, the girls and I have been on plenty boozy weekends away, drunken hen do’s with cheesy costumes in tow, late night subways and hung over tired shopping trips. This year we are all feeling the need to press the ‘PAUSE’ button, have a relaxing weekend together where we can actually catch up child free or not fighting to talk over the DJ, a weekend where we can laze in the hot tub, cook together and eat ourselves silly with chocolate..a proper girlie weekend (how mature of us)

Laura (often know as Dora) knew exactly the place to look… Forest Holidays! Dora had been before and always said how amazing it was, lodges complete with hot tubs in the most gorgeous setting; as you can imagine we didn’t need much persuasion to book this place up!  The Deer Park site was the one for us, out of the 9 locations around the country this forest was only just over an hour from home, no stuck in traffic or wasting hours up and down the motoway!

The Golden Oak Treehouse and lodge was our little haven for the weekend, sleeping up to 8, this stunning pad was light and airy, nestled amongst the trees with a beautiful view across the lake, not to mention the luxury treehouse adjoining us via a cute little bridge! A perfect place to hide out and sip bubbles on the balcony.



















I think I am safe to say the weekend was a constant sugar high mixed with copious amounts of tea, wine, cheese along with much laughter, story telling, leafy walks and general girly pyjama chat, this idyllic setting was just what the doctor ordered and I totally recommend Forest Holidays if you need a little cosy break!

Now to dream of the next one….

Love Harriet x


Importance of Mum Friends….

Ask me pre mum life if I could imagine myself willingly attending ‘mum and baby’ classes, groups and planned activities, I would have given a look of noooo way, other screaming babies, whilst strangers are thrown together expecting to share birthing stories, no details spared??? you must be crazy…

Crazy hell no, for me these strangers have helped me, they have put a smile on my face when I was feeling like I was the only one so tired I could fall asleep on the spot, they have given me reassurance, tried and tested advice rather then the sometimes pushy professional text book approaches, they have become a fab set of friends!

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