A little Headspace….

As I get further into my twenties (only 6 more months of being able to say that!..ah!) I’ve started to really understand the importance of looking after my mind as well as my body.

I’ve exercised hard for well over 15 years and consciously eaten for my body but its often our minds..one of the most important parts!..that gets neglected, it needs a dose of TLC, a little breathing space in order to keep healthy and I feel like its only now that its all suddenly clicked.

There is no hiding from the fact that the pressures of everyday life are increasing at a rapid rate, with anxiety at an all time high and mental health discussed so openly, more and more of us are turning to mindfulness to undo our muddled minds or calm the traffic in our head.

After being an avid list maker to calm my thoughts and firm believer of a problem shared is a problem halved, I realised that sometimes this isn’t enough and maybe I needed to learn how to take myself off to a quiet space and just ‘re-set’ myself. I downloaded the app ‘Headspace’ and have been following the guided mediation programme. One session a day, 3 minutes long, it was so simple and surprisingly easy to follow, the voice taking you through the session is gentle and relaxing plus the programme itself acknowledges that this may all feel strange to begin with but encourages you to stick with it.

After quite a few sessions I can honestly say just having a bit of quiet space and time to focus myself has been really amazing! I feel calmer, stronger and feel a similar buzz to after a sweaty workout. I 100% recommend trying this app, just give yourself a few minutes of you time!

Let me know if you try it!

Love Harriet x


Why I love Running….

Ever feel like your mind is a jumbled mess of thoughts, a maze of which job to tick off the to-do list first? If I ever feel like this and need some sort of clarity then grabbing my trainers and pounding the pavement always sorts me right out!

Running doesn’t come easy to most people and it takes a while until you actually feel like its enjoyable and not some sort of torture routine but once your hooked you are HOOKED!

For me its the sense of achievement, the strength of mind to push yourself that teeny bit further or complete that mile slightly  quicker- trust me I may hate every extra second but its a test to your own mental strength and once you’ve jogged that little extra you feel so amazing, proud and most importantly strong!

My essentials for each and every run no matter how far it is include;  a good pair of trainers and I am not talking the flashest (did I say flash..am I old??) Nike trainers, go to a proper running shop, try on a variety of ‘Running’ specific trainers, even test them out on an in store treadmill and make sure they are 100% comfortable and supportive; my particular favs are Brookes as I pronate slightly when I run.

Load your Iphone/ music device with your favourite songs, this is vital for me and I would even go to say I can’t run without this amazing distraction technique! My ultimate’s are loud, fast dance tunes which will make the time pass quickly ohhh and songs I can sing along too.

Lastly without the risk of sounding like a Granny, stretching really is worth doing before to warm you up, wake up those muscles and then after to really help with the next day and day after body aches plus it will set you up nicely for your next run. Push through the aches at first because its such a good stress buster and source of ‘me’ time amongst the obvious health benefits…

Love Harriet x


Why I love Body Pump…

I am a massive fan of exercise, since sports day in primary school the thrill of exercise and the adrenaline rush after has always had me hooked! I have been a gym member since the age of 15 and although my relationship with exercise hasn’t always been so light hearted (sometimes a little obsessive) I love nothing more than working out and relieving any stress or anxiety from the day.

About 4 years ago, I was looking to mix up my normal gym and running routine and had heard about a class called Body Pump. Body pump is an instructor led class, choreographed to music, working on all different muscle groups from legs, back, arms and abs. Weight lifting wasn’t as popular and massive as it is now but I knew I wanted to try something more focused and less cardio plus I was interested to see what results it would have.

My local class was amazing, the instructors all inspiring, they would carefully explained each muscle group and the expected weights we should be working towards, plus the music really helped to lose yourself. My first class flew by and the ache the day after left me looking forward to the next session. I quickly became hooked and have been attending ‘Pump’ 2-3 times a week for the last 4 years, attending throughout my pregnancy right up until a week before my due date.

I loved the way my body changed, pump really strengthens and shapes you as well as being super satisfying when you are able to increase your weights and lift heavy. The big muscle groups are big calorie burners and you come out with a good sweat, elbow sweat really is a thing (Pumpers will know what i’m saying)

My class follows the Les Mills programme meaning that every 3 months the choreography and music is changed  so we are constantly using different exercises to work out different muscles, challenging ourselves and learning about our body (Can you see I am a pump geek???)

So if you looking for a different type of work out, looking to push yourself and get those muscles peaking through then I defiantly recommend giving Body pump a go!

Here more about it here

Love Harriet x