Stumbling across Polperro….(Treehouse break part 2)

Whilst it was super cosy in our Treehouse hide away (See my previous post) you should know by now that I love a little wonder and to discover somewhere new! The sun was out, the air crisp, so the girls and I hopped into the car and set off following signs which lead to Polperro, we decided to just go with it and see what we could discover there!

Once parked up, we followed the stream through the valley amongst the gorgeous array of cottages,  quaint pubs, cafes and holiday lets…even a Christmas shop which received excited squeals from this gaggle of girls!





The path eventually takes you out onto a small harbour and sandy beach decorated with colourful fisherman houses and  a beautiful landscape which stretches miles out to sea.  History notes that Polperro was a hot spot for smugglers and with its secluded coves and caves you can see why!

Polperro has a lovely heritage and  charming feel about it , close to Looe and Pelynt there is plenty to fill a couple hours, enjoy a coffe on the harbour wall and breath in some fresh Cornish air!








Check out my other Cornish posts here  I seem to have a little love affair with Cornwall at the mo!

Love Harriet x


Lusty Glaze Beach…Newquay

Lusty Glaze has been mentioned to me for a long time now, lots of friends have described it as a MUST  place to go when in Newquay therefore, its been on my ‘list’ for a long time. As we were holidaying nearby, it was the perfect opportunity for Ian and I to slip off and enjoy a lunch date together whilst Sonny was thoroughly spoilt by his grandparents.

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Mini Holiday…St Ives and its neighbours…

St Ives you never disappoint, you little gem of beautiful blue sea, creamy sandy beach and hub of of local this I mean fudge, ice cream you know the situ! .

Back in gloomy February my dad suggested booking a summer mini break to Cornwall and in particular Hayle near St Ives, I think I probably squealed with excitement, July couldn’t come soon enough and already I was planning in my head all the lovely places we would be visiting!

Dad, along with the rest of the family arrived a couple days beforehand, tested out the BBQ (tough job!) and sent pictures of some truly tropical looking beaches whilst I was sat at my work desk (thanks dad!) So when Wednesday arrived we were packed and on the road by 8am ready to meet the family and start our mini break.

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Packing for our Mini Holiday….

Packing is hard…even harder when you are holidaying in the UK! We need double the amount of stuff because in typical British fashion, it can be sunny one second and full blown rain the next (#preyforsun)

For me the packing process starts about 2 weeks beforehand because I am a list maker…a fully obsessed list maker, I make a list, I rip it up, make another, write it up neater..yep sad I know but it pleases me and I know to some of my friends reading this, creating a list pleases you too (Dora, Laura, amongst many others!)

I also have the mammoth task of packing for an 11 month old, stair gate and all… but that post is for another time!

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A Saturday Spent in Looe Cornwall….

As the football season is still on its summer break, I get to have my husband back on a Saturday for a few more weeks, so we decided to plan some day trips and make the most of having full weekends off together.                                            My in-laws stay in Looe a lot (which is South East Cornwall) and they happened to be holidaying down there last  weekend,  Up early as normal with an 11 month old, we decided why not jump in the car and head down to meet them, get some fish and chips and spend a day by the Cornish sea.

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