Sonny you are 2!

I literally can’t believe it was a year ago that I wrote Sonny’s first birthday post ! 730 days you have been with us and my goodness you’ve grown into such a little character! I look back and think that first year was such a shock to the system, some days felt super long but the months altogether went quick! We were learning so much and speeding into this massive world of parenthood.

Fast forward, year 1 to year 2, don’t get me wrong hasn’t been easier but it hasn’t been harder, we’ve learnt that we actually are making such an impact into your little life. The affection that you show has surely come from what you’ve received? Your knowledge and development is so rewarding to witness, you really are giving back to what we are so happy to put in.

Everyday we are amazed at something you’ve done or said and you have that power to stop us in our tracks…my heart skipped when you sang ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ on your own whilst walking down the stairs or when we spot diggers and you shout ‘I see it mummy’ literally my womb aches!!

Of course I have never needed a more peaceful evening cup of tea or sweated as much (even after many HIIT sessions) as I do when you sprint off towards a busy road, throw your dinner all over the floor that I literally just cleaned or throw a tantrum in a very public place…you really know how to rise the ol’ body temperature!

18 Months onwards has really taught me patience, I mean repeating ‘hitting hurts’ ‘don’t bite mummy’ ‘you’ll break your toy if you throw it’ a million times a day will push even the most zen of people over the edge!

All that being said I take the repetitive talk and the massive task trying to teach you right from wrong on, I’ll take that as the flip side is so worthwhile, your little face when you get excited over ‘Bing’ or we treat you to an ice cream is just too adorable! The excitement you show us is just way too bloody cute!!

So my little friend roll on 2-3 years, I cant wait to go on more adventures and just generally have more conversations with you, you really are amazing and such a little mate!

Happy birthday for the 17th!

Love you Sonny x


Playing host for my favs….

Spring is here and when spring is here it means fun things happen, one of them being my birthday early March! Cue Harriet diary planning mode AS IF I need a reason!!

My birthday week was so lovely with lunches out, coffee dates with all my favourite people (insert emoji with heart eyes!!) I also loved playing host for a girlie gathering, yep a bunch of beautiful ladies coming to eat our favourite food including lots of cake, celebrate and wellll just have some gorgeous girl time!

One of my favourite parts is displaying the treats in pretty little plates and bowls, for some reason this weirdly pleases me and I know the organiser freaks out there love this too. Selecting all the yummy party food, I mean come on party food is just the best isn’t it?! Most importantly just having all your ladies (or guys) together in a comfortable setting for unlimited chatting time is the BEST!

With summer round the corner, I can’t wait for BBQ and Pimms parties!

Love Harriet x



Bluebird Restaurant, Chelsea…London

London is brimming with restaurants, cafes and amazing foodie haunts, so no wonder a girl can be overwhelmed when picking a place for a long leisurely lunch or in our case special birthday spot.  After a bit of research mixed with MIC notes and some good ol’ insta stalking, I decided that the Bluebird cafe and restaurant would be a perfect place to dine amongst the hustle and bustle of our London girlie weekend.

Sat beautifully along Kings Road, the courtyard lit with fairy lights greets you whilst fur blankets and squidgy sofas await perfectly positioned under a heated canopy.

Stepping into the restaurant was like stepping into a little garden sanctuary, greenery swaddled the building whilst a beautiful open bar decorated the middle of the floor. Once shown to our booth, the lure of pancakes with pancetta and maple syrup led us to ordering the 3 course brunch and wow it was delicious!

Dishes of chilli and lime squid, crushed avocado on sourdough, sirloin steak, sea bass and the most tasty chicken dish with garlic and olive oil creamy mash graced our table. Obviously we couldn’t say no to dessert so between us we choose, french toast, quinoa granola and molten chocolate. The food was outstanding, full of flavour and just the right portion size. The service was attentive and slick, we spend the whole afternoon grazing and chatting and not once felt rushed.


The professional service mixed with the light and airy restaurant meant the atmosphere was perfect, not stuffy but smart enough, a perfect place for a special birthday, lunch, brunch or afternoon tea.
If you fancy more of a pit stop whilst running errands or whilst grabbing a quick espresso with friends the Bluebird cafe beside the courtyard provides a more casual vibe and definitely worth checking out.

The whole experience was amazing and so memorable, I cant wait to brunch here again and 100% recommend you stepping foot into Bluebird if you get the chance!

Love Harriet x



Last weekend…. Ramble, Patchetts and a 90th!

Last weekend saw Ian’s brothers travel 5 hours down to Devon with our nieces and nephews, the reason for this visit? Celebrating their Nans 90th birthday on Sunday….can you imagine seeing the world through a 90 year olds eyes? The stuff she’s seen (insert monkey emoji with hands over eyes)


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