Making Friends when your an adult…

You think when your little, you’ll meet your friends in reception class aged 5 and grow up inseparable, you’ll be each others Bridesmaids, God parents to their children and everything will be perfect because you swapped pogs and had matching pencil cases.. friends together forever.

A lot of people are still firm friends with their little mates they made way back when and that’s so sweet but in reality alot of people aren’t still in contact because we grow, we change and maybe the same taste in pencil case doesn’t equate to the same interests or outlooks in life.

I know I found my best friends around college age, I met people who shared the same genuine interests as me, all at the same stage of life, just starting to go out clubbing…we shared many chinese meals for 1, swigging lambrini whilst working out how the hell you put make up on or god forbid mastering fake tan. We got to know their parents because we stayed over every Saturday night. Growing and learning together, a great time to make some firm friends for life.

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