My new beauty favourites….

I haven’t gone a massive beauty splurge for ages and to be honest I am still working through and trialing a lot of the goodies from my M&S Christmas beauty calendar but I have collected a few things that have secured a place on my bathroom shelf that I thought I would share with you.

First up is this bottle of nourishing goodness in the form of essential Rosehip oil. This isn’t a new purchase, in fact I’ve been using this for about 8 months  after reading about the benefits which include soothing, hydrating and rich in essential fatty acids all whilst being loaded with vitamins, this natural oil promotes radiance. Promising all the above it didn’t falter on its delivery, I use this every other night or more if my skin particularly needs some TLC and although it is oily (as its an oil) it absorbs and doesn’t leave my skin greasy in the morning. Sukin and Trilogy are among the brands currently promoting Rosehip but I just headed down to my local Holland and Barrett to pick up a bottle at a snip of the price!

I don’t know if its pregnant hormonal hair or the time of year but just before Christmas my hair felt lank and flat and although I mix up my shampoo at each wash I wondered if I had slight build up that needed some attention.  I picked up L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and Conditioner, the product info explains that the formula should purify the scalp whilst hydrating the ends and revitalise the hair with softness and shine. I have that super clean hair feel once I have used this and it doesn’t feel so flat anymore, this could be the shampoo and it could be another change in prego hormones but all I know is I’m much happier with how it is and how long I can stretch before another wash…lazy I know but girls with thick hair will totally get it!

My mum kindly bought me a pot of this 100% organic and totally natural Neal’s Yard Mothers Balm with my first pregnancy and it felt like such a treat to my expanding skin plus it was nice to take some time before bed to apply and massage into my bump. As you can imagine it was a lovely surprise when she handed me another beautifully gift wrapped pot a couple weeks ago! Pregnant skin is prone to drying really quickly and of course most women suffer from stretch marks so this is a great hydrator and encourager of preventing the appearance of those marks. Ingredients such as beeswax and skin nourishing oils its clinically proven to increase the skins firmness and elasticity which I 100% felt the results of after baby number 1 so fingers crossed its just as effective second time round! A perfect present for any mum to be!

Let me know if you have any new beauty finds,

Love Harriet x




Lush Autumn release and New Exeter store opening…

I was lucky enough to be invited to the new bigger and better Lush store opening in Exeter last week as well as a chance to preview the Autumn/ Winter product launches, In fact we were the first in the whole country to get a sneak peak!

Lush is a brand that I feel I jumped onto the band waggon late, the hype around products such as Snow fairy and Rose Jam were talked about way before I stepped foot into a sweet smelling store.

On a quest for a bath bomb a few years ago, I popped into the previous smaller Exeter store, greeted by passionate sale assistants eager to help with any questions and ready to point me in the right direction, it was all a bit overwhelming and I ended up grabbing the closest product, paying and fighting my way back through the gaggle of teenagers. Gradually over time I’d step in and delve a little deeper but I’d say I was no Lush expert….Until now!

With a customer friendly layout the new interactive Exeter store organises the space into product sections, meaning even the short-of-time shopper can head to the area with ease. The additional space also means you can sample the products and demo them in true ‘Lush style’ without feeling like you are in each others way.

Additional space obviously means additional products, my mind was blown with how much Lush actually has to offer, cleansers, hand treatments and even fragrance sitting next to perfectly wrapped gift boxes…I mean who wouldn’t be happy with a Lush Christmas??

My favourite findings of the night had to include the recycled cloth made from old plastic bottles used to wrap products, style or even wear; The new ‘naked’ ethos of no packaging and protecting the environment and my discovery that Lush has spas around the UK, you can buy actual Spa packages with the promise of tailored true indulgence!

I must also mention the perfectly put together displays, the use of natural ingredients to embellish the shelves and of course the knowledgeable, friendly staff on hand wanting to help!

100% naturally sourced ingredients and to suit every skin type, requirements or taste this new store really allows you to explore whats on offer so if its help such as aiding sleep, sorting out limp hair or calming irritated skin, the world of Lush is much more than the odd colourful bath bomb!


Mask it….My fav Facemasks at the mo

I would love to be that girl who indulges in a face mask once a month, a girl who really takes the time out to do the ol’ cucumber on the eyes, slathering that detoxing putty on but I’m not, I am a open the draw ‘oh there’s a facemask, lets do this’ kind of person!

Recently I have been trying to add a mask into my skincare routine, just every so often but its something I am consciously doing to make sure I give my skin a really good cleanse and remove any toxins that maybe bubbling under the surface. I have been using 3 very different products all with the same goal or creating blemish free glowing skin but very different method of achieving it!

Elemis Active Fruit Peel

I have always been a big fan of Elemis and got given this mask a while back, its clear fruit formula smells amazing and goes onto the face really easily. Instructions say to leave it on 5-10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. There’s a tingly sensation and I do feel an instant brightness once its off but as far as working deep within the skin, I’m not so sure?!

Aztec Indian Healing Clay

This is not for the faint hearted and clearly states that you will feel your face pulsate once applied….yep you really do! There is a lot of ancient method behind this clay product such as not using anything metallic when mixing the formula,  the metal then wont interfere with the reaction the powder and water has. Once the paste is created, apply to the face and the challenge is to keep it on for 5-10 mins, by 5 your face will be feeling all sorts of weird but that the magic happening!     Once removed (its quite tricky to do that) you are left with quite red skin but that lovely feeling of a deep cleanse!

I think this mask is fab for a once a month maintenance to keep the blackheads at bay but be warned to really hydrate your skin after use and not to leave the product on more then 10 minutes.

Sukin Anti Pollution Facial Masque

A friend introduced me to Sukin and their amazing natural/ protecting the earth ethos, so I desperately wanted to love their product and enjoy a guilt free pamper which Sukin 100% provided! This paraben free product packed with bamboo charcoal, willowherb and rooibos tea draws out impurities whilst a whole host of natural ingredients work to balance the complexion. The texture of the mask is perfect, not too drying and not too runny, easy to apply and hardens within a few minutes plus super easy to wash off. I kept the mask on for 10 mins plus and it didn’t irritate which is a bonus! I would recommend this one for an easy maintenance mask.

Its hard to see which masks really do have a lasting effect, you need to be super consistent! Let me know if you have tried any masks that I need to get my hands on!

Love Harriet x