Worth the hype…M&S Beauty calendar

I was very lucky to receive a M&S beauty calendar as a present, a perfect assistant to help with the Christmas count down! I have never had one before and always wondered if they were worth the sometimes very high price tag? This was the perfect opportunity to test one of these beauties out and give my honest opinion!

Firstly, I love that my calendar was Marks and Spencer meaning it was full of a variety of brands, with their beauty floor stocking such a powerful range it was a perfect opportunity to discover something I hadn’t laid my fingers on yet from skincare, body care to make up – it was all covered!

The calendar itself was beautiful, a gorgeous ruby red Christmas house full with boxes delicately decorated with festive scenes and laid out with numbers 1-24 with number 25 being the large space in the roof.

Opening each box everyday was so exciting, like a kid with their first advent calendar. The range of products was so impressive from cleanser to body creams, face peals to lip gloss, M&S clearly picked the cream of their crop.

I’m still trying to work my way through the vast amount of minis which are neatly stacked in the pretty make up bag  I found behind door 25.  So far my favourites  include the Alphah liquid rose gold with its legendary resurfacing and smoothing effects, Rodials dragons blood sculpting gel to give my face a much needed plump and revive after the wearing winter effects and Formula Absolute Ultimate sleep cream which promises the appearance of 8 hours sleep even if you hardly caught a wink – exactly what a tired mum needs!

I’m excited to try the others and 100% will be purchasing some bigger versions of these treats! At a really reasonable price of £30 this calendar is totally worth the price tag and a fantastic way to explore what the beauty industry has to offer before committing to a full size tube!

I cant wait to see what they do next year already! if you had a beauty calendar, I’d love to know which one and what you though of it!

Love Harriet x


Mask it….My fav Facemasks at the mo

I would love to be that girl who indulges in a face mask once a month, a girl who really takes the time out to do the ol’ cucumber on the eyes, slathering that detoxing putty on but I’m not, I am a open the draw ‘oh there’s a facemask, lets do this’ kind of person!

Recently I have been trying to add a mask into my skincare routine, just every so often but its something I am consciously doing to make sure I give my skin a really good cleanse and remove any toxins that maybe bubbling under the surface. I have been using 3 very different products all with the same goal or creating blemish free glowing skin but very different method of achieving it!

Elemis Active Fruit Peel

I have always been a big fan of Elemis and got given this mask a while back, its clear fruit formula smells amazing and goes onto the face really easily. Instructions say to leave it on 5-10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. There’s a tingly sensation and I do feel an instant brightness once its off but as far as working deep within the skin, I’m not so sure?!

Aztec Indian Healing Clay

This is not for the faint hearted and clearly states that you will feel your face pulsate once applied….yep you really do! There is a lot of ancient method behind this clay product such as not using anything metallic when mixing the formula,  the metal then wont interfere with the reaction the powder and water has. Once the paste is created, apply to the face and the challenge is to keep it on for 5-10 mins, by 5 your face will be feeling all sorts of weird but that the magic happening!     Once removed (its quite tricky to do that) you are left with quite red skin but that lovely feeling of a deep cleanse!

I think this mask is fab for a once a month maintenance to keep the blackheads at bay but be warned to really hydrate your skin after use and not to leave the product on more then 10 minutes.

Sukin Anti Pollution Facial Masque

A friend introduced me to Sukin and their amazing natural/ protecting the earth ethos, so I desperately wanted to love their product and enjoy a guilt free pamper which Sukin 100% provided! This paraben free product packed with bamboo charcoal, willowherb and rooibos tea draws out impurities whilst a whole host of natural ingredients work to balance the complexion. The texture of the mask is perfect, not too drying and not too runny, easy to apply and hardens within a few minutes plus super easy to wash off. I kept the mask on for 10 mins plus and it didn’t irritate which is a bonus! I would recommend this one for an easy maintenance mask.

Its hard to see which masks really do have a lasting effect, you need to be super consistent! Let me know if you have tried any masks that I need to get my hands on!

Love Harriet x