Pregnancy update Week 18….

So I thought I would do a little Pregnancy update so I can look back at some of the weeks and remember how I was feeling at the time; I wish I did this more in my first pregnancy so I could compare and share with friends who ask so here it goes….

How far along?  18 weeks

Total weight gain? I haven’t weighed myself and DONT intend too! I can still fit into my size 10 leggings (just) and in my maternity size 10 jeans ohh and squeezing into my normal work pencil skirt

Maternity clothes? My amazing friend Robyn has saved me with a bundle of maternity jeans and some gorgeous pieces. I  have purchased a couple tops from ASOS but I dont have loads from before!

Stretch marks? None yet

Sleep? Much better although always a toilet break interruption!

Best moment this week? Celebrating another friends baby shower makes it all seem more real for me!

Worst moment this week? None.

Miss anything? A cold G&T would go down well!

Movement? Not yet but then Sonny hardly moved so I am not sure when I will feel that first flutter

Food cravings? Scrambled eggs on toast, it was peanut butter on toast the last few weeks YUM..

Anything making you feel sick or queezy? Nothing now but funnily enough in the very early stages it was the smell of eggs cooking…babys changed its mind now!

Gender? Not sure yet

Symptoms? Achey lower back after a busy day

Belly button in or out? In

Pregnancy essentials? Pregnacare tablets, Comfy PJs, Neal yard Mothers balm (Thank you Mum) and my water bottle at my side constantly!

Looking forward to: 20 week scan and seeing baby again


I won’t do these every week – don’t worry non pregnant friends! Just now and again to keep a diary for myself and anyone interested in pregnancy related posts

Love Harriet x