Stumbling across Polperro….(Treehouse break part 2)

Stumbling across Polperro….(Treehouse break part 2)

Whilst it was super cosy in our Treehouse hide away (See my previous post) you should know by now that I love a little wonder and to discover somewhere new! The sun was out, the air crisp, so the girls and I hopped into the car and set off following signs which lead to Polperro, we decided to just go with it and see what we could discover there!

Once parked up, we followed the stream through the valley amongst the gorgeous array of cottages,  quaint pubs, cafes and holiday lets…even a Christmas shop which received excited squeals from this gaggle of girls!





The path eventually takes you out onto a small harbour and sandy beach decorated with colourful fisherman houses and  a beautiful landscape which stretches miles out to sea.  History notes that Polperro was a hot spot for smugglers and with its secluded coves and caves you can see why!

Polperro has a lovely heritage and  charming feel about it , close to Looe and Pelynt there is plenty to fill a couple hours, enjoy a coffe on the harbour wall and breath in some fresh Cornish air!








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Love Harriet x



  1. December 27, 2016 / 5:34 pm

    I love this post. I long so much to go to Cornwall someday…and I have a fixation on Polperro. There’s just something about it…

    While I would like to think I’d live there, 1) I’ve never been there, 2) I have no idea how I possibly could (US citizen) and 3) I don’t know if I could handle the weather and cold temperatures, as I live in Florida (about an hour’s drive from Disney World, actually). 🙂 BUT, I know that someday I’ll make my way there…hopefully sooner than later. x

    Thanks for sharing!

    – E

    • December 29, 2016 / 7:03 pm

      Oh I really hope you get to go! Its a lovely part of the UK in fact the whole of Cornwall is worth a visit, its beautiful and you’re right there’s something about it!
      There’s a Cornish pasty waiting for you
      Love Harriet x

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