Products that got us through Sonnys first year….

Products that got us through Sonnys first year….

So you’ve found out your pregnant, you excitedly share the news, it’s not long until you start looking at all the products your tiny bundle will need or at least you think you need.

As a list maker I would make list upon list of all the items I thought I would need and i’m so glad I held off buying the majority as I wouldn’t have used them after all…portable bottle warmer?? pahhh you don’t need it and wont want to carry it around!

The amount of items on the market is overwhelming and its a job to work out the essentials from the luxury, its hard for a new mum to pin point through the masses of baby catalogues and all the products thrust upon them. The best place to find out the key products with honest recommendations is by asking other mums.

So I have jotted a little list of the products that I have found to be lifesavers, time savers and overall worth the money. Bear in mind this list includes items our family found helpful, you may not agree or indeed have found your own holy grail products, please do share!


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

We purchased this on day 4 in a panic as my milk hadn’t kicked in and our plans for breastfeeding scarpered; Not accounting for this to happen, I didn’t even learn how to make up formula or even work out the time allowance for it to cool whilst you have a screaming hungry baby in your arms! After a quick dash to Mothercare this beauty was up and running, much to Sonnys delight.

This machine makes up bottles at the perfect temperature within 2 minutes and can make up  4oz-9oz of formula.

I found for those night feeds or impromptu extra bottles or simply when you run out of time, this little machine helped dramatically.



Isofix car base

I was toying with the idea of purchasing one of these for ages and unsure whether it was really needed however, after being lent one from my cousins we quickly realised how great it was! Easy to install, this base provided peace of mind that our baby’s car seat was secure and safe! A real lifesaver when transporting seat from pram back into car in the pouring rain, all we had to do was simply click in place saving many soggy parent moments.


Gro Bag

Working out what your baby should be wearing during the night is a challenge, you have the ever changing temperature along with the scary thought of suffocation so when I came across Gro bags my mind was instantly put as easy. The helpful tog and sizing guide is a winner along with the lovely variety of designs.


Baby Monitor 

My best friend had this fab Motorola camera and screen, after a quick demo on how good it was, I was sold! Alot of the functions I admit you don’t need such as the music, talk back etc but the screen is really handy! Sonny in particular is a baby who rolls all over the place in his cot, banging against the bars etc and having the handy screen means I’m not constantly running up and down the stairs!


Playmat and Jumparoo

These two go hand in hand in my eyes- The play mat was great from early on as it was a soft colourful place to lay Sonny whilst I needed my hands free with little toys to keep him amused, this mat was a fab activity centre.

When Sonny was old enough to support his head and obviously strong enough in body, we transitioned him into his Jumparoo, he loved jumping up and down in this, making noise and playing with all the toys! Again, this provided some valuable playtime whilst I needed to complete chores plus it was light enough to move round the house.


So there’s a few items off my list, of course we have a load of things we’ve loved or loving using currently but these made the top of the pile! Do let me know your favourite items!

Love Harriet x


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