Planning your Wedding…Picking your dress

Planning your Wedding…Picking your dress

The day most girls dream off, the part of your planning you really want to devour and enjoy every second… yep the wedding dress shopping!

I think dress shopping can go 2 ways, either blissful and dreamy just like you envisaged or utter hell, confusion and stress..not what you planned! I have put together some tips in the hope that it eliminates the latter and instead gives you a day you remember for the right reasons.

Now I am not assuming that everyone goes into the task of dress shopping excited, I understand a lot of brides put ridiculous pressure to look their best (me included) and may feel nervous of what to expect when stepping into the shop. There’s a lot of tales out there of dragon sales assistants, poking you, prodding and generally being rude but it doesn’t have to be that way!!

I had a fantastic experience and the reason why is because I started off by doing some research; I met some lovely ladies at a wedding show I was working at, they instantly put me at ease and the conversation flowed so there and then I booked an appointment to visit them at their shop Frilly Frocks in Barnstaple. You will know straight away if the sales ladies put you at ease and if you don’t meet them beforehand like I did then speak to friends, colleagues and other brides to get some recommendations.

The next task was choosing someone to take with me, I think someone who will share the excitement with you but who will also be honest with their opinion and kind with their thoughts, this person will be a valuable asset! I just wanted my mum to come with me and share this moment, she would be honest plus making me feel comfortable. I didn’t like the thought of too many people stuffed into a shop, all throwing ideas around making everything too confusing for me.

Another tip is to take the correct underwear with you, a pair of heels, along with freshly washed hair and make up applied, all these items will help you to really see how the dress looks worn correctly plus the make up and hair will make you feel extra special!

Frilly frocks closed the shop for my appointment (as they do with all their brides) this allowed me to sit down over a cup of tea on their sofa and discuss my ideas, then go around the whole shop and pick out a beautiful selection of dresses. I remember Steph from Frilly Frocks picking out some dresses she thought would suit me but perhaps I had missed, her expert eye picked my actual dress which I loved!! I tried on every style from silky heavily beaded to satin full skirts along with the lace number I finally picked, I never felt rushed, I just felt like the attention was on me and that we all shared the goal of helping me find my perfect dress.

Ladies don’t feel pressure, the assistant should happily take their time with you, its a big decision and more importantly expensive decision so someone that understands that is worth their weight in gold! Also don’t feel pressure to come away that day making a purchase, go back time and time if you have too, shop around but just make it an experience worth talking about.

Barnstaple was a little drive from where we lived so every fitting we would stop off for lunch -post fitting obvs and this just made the day even better again!

I hate hearing sad wedding dress shopping stories so hopefully some of the above will ensure you have a fun day trying on dresses and more importantly give you a little light relief during some hefty planning!

Good luck!

Love Harriet x


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