Packing for our Mini Holiday….

Packing for our Mini Holiday….

Packing is hard…even harder when you are holidaying in the UK! We need double the amount of stuff because in typical British fashion, it can be sunny one second and full blown rain the next (#preyforsun)

For me the packing process starts about 2 weeks beforehand because I am a list maker…a fully obsessed list maker, I make a list, I rip it up, make another, write it up neater..yep sad I know but it pleases me and I know to some of my friends reading this, creating a list pleases you too (Dora, Laura, amongst many others!)

I also have the mammoth task of packing for an 11 month old, stair gate and all… but that post is for another time!

So first section is picking the essentials from the mountains of toiletries and this is tricky, what if I suddenly need a different shade lipstick??? Will this be enough shampoo? Do I really need perfume?? ‘Don’t forget contact lens fluid and any medication’ is always underlined!!

Next onto the day-to-day items like phone charger, hair brush, toothbrush etc- the items that go in last minute and I have to re-check a million times before setting off! OCD full force with these!

Once the above items are in, I am already tight for space so I have to be careful when it comes to my favourite BUT my hardest part….clothes packing…..My tips for muddling through this quandary of weather predicting, activity appropriate headache, is firstly…..layers. Layering is the easiest way to navigate a change in temperature i.e simply – take it off/ put it layers of choice, cardigans, blazer or unbuttoned shirt, this will see you through a change in UK weather for sure!

Next plan your outfits around key pieces, for example take one or two pairs of jeans that can easily be dressed up or down, no matter the occasion, I pack my boyfriend jeans and a pair of skinnies, both work day or night when mixing and matching the right top!  Cami tops are perfect under a cardigan for the day or easily teamed up with a necklace for an effortless evening look, providing a valuable 2 in 1 job. Blouses are also great for a smarter daytime look that will take you dinner appropriate if you find yourself suddenly dining out and save the underdressed feeling. The classic t-shirt is great for travelling in but also thin enough to roll up and not take too much valuable space plus handy when travelling with mucky children!

Obvious as it sounds wear your bulkiest shoes to travel unless they are crazy heels, that isn’t comfortable nor stylish in a grotty service station toilet! lastly wear or carry your coat, again, its often bulky and will save you some space and doubles up as a blanket!

Roll your clothes for extra room and also to prevent creases, slot underwear or socks in your shoes and lastly organise with friends who is going to take the hair straighteners and who will take the dryer as you can share whilst saving valuable space!

These maybe obvious things to do but its handy to be reminded, Let me know your tips..

Love Harriet x



  1. July 27, 2016 / 11:25 pm

    Love the smell of the Calvin Klein Eternity!!! Great post 🙂

    XX SofiaaDot

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