Olaplex is THE hair treatment gracing salons at the moment, it’s recovering and hydrating purposes have been massively raved about and the results look very impressive; So as a owner of hair that has been coloured for a number of years and in need of some major TLC I decided to treat my hair to this strengthening service.

I have the Olaplex hair prefector number 3 which is a home treatment designed to be applied to damp hair, root to ends for a minimum of 10 minutes but for best results leaving it overnight would should give you the hair of dreams (so I’ve heard)  It works by re building bonds in the hair whilst repairing and maintaining for the best condition possible.

To really try and recover some of the damaged caused by chemically treating your hair, it is recommended to undertake stage 1 &2 in a salon as the 3 stage process  effectively is a ‘reset’ service to rebuild the strength and structure of your hair and this would give the maximum results.

I really wanted to put Olaplex to the test, so last Saturday after rinsing my hair I smothered the silky cream from root to tip, plaited it and slept in it over night. The next morning I followed the instructions and washed it with shampoo  followed with conditioner, my hair felt extra silky when washing but I was skeptical and still needed to see the dry effect. After blow drying and straightening (which felt mean after I had just re-nourished it!) I was genuinely surprised that my hair had wayyyy less fly-aways, felt stronger, looked extra glossy plus the frizz had calmed massively!

A great result after one treatment but I 100% think for the ultimate luscious repairing locks you would need to make sure you are regularly indulging in some overnight care, which I can definitely say I will be doing from now on!!


I really recommend this product especially for dyed and over processed hair, I bought mine from amazon for under £20 however there are quite a few salons in the Exeter and Devon region now offering Olaplex to your routine colour  – To find a salon in your area you can look here

Love Harriet x


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