My new favourite books….

My new favourite books….

I used to be such a book worm until the last few years where I’ve hardly picked up a book or felt engaged enough to see one through, I could blame an over active brain juggling work and a toddler, come 7.30pm I just want to sit and not focus on anything..until now!

This year my birthday list included quite a few books that I fancied delving into. Estee Lalondes’ Bloom being one of them, mostly because it looked so pretty and a perfect asset to any coffee table! Giovanna Fletcher and Fearne Cotton well they are majorly on my girl crush list and both books so different but equally intrigued me!

I read Bloom in a day, I had some time to take from work and with Sonny in nursery, the light hearted and beautifully presented book was so easy to read. I loved the variety of sections detailing Estée’s life and experiences plus growing up at a similar time meant so much of it was relatable and the references I totally got! The photos are as you expect, gorgeous! I totally recommend this as an easy flick through book especially if your in you mid to late (ahem) twenties.

Happy by Fearne Cotton was a book I was so intrigued to read after catching interviews with Fearne discussing her brushes with depression. I was so interested to see how she discussed it and put it into words. I adore the synopsis “This book is a way to release what’s going on inside your head and to keep heading towards the good stuff. The simple stuff. The stuff that’s going to really hit up that happiness on a deep and nourishing level”

The beautifully structured chapters included so much positivity and clever tips to make you really find the happy in all aspects of life, along with handy note sections and discussion topics to really get you thinking about yourself and your own state of mind. Happy is decorated with stunning illustrations by Fearne herself which makes it feel even more authentic and personal.

I have LOVED Giovanna Fletchers work from the very early blogs and vlogs, she’s hilarious and totally relatable plus we share a massive love for Nutella! Obviously a mum myself I was so excited when she announced Happy Mum, Happy Baby was in the pipeline sooo as soon as it was realised my bestie bought it for me!

I literally cried reading the majority of the chapters, not through sadness but out of shear relief that a lot of my new motherhood experiences were the same, it wasn’t just me feeling like this.  This book sits at the top of the other collective ‘Mum bloggers’ who provide this overwhelming sense that we are all in it together, going through it together which is such an amazing feeling. This was very much a personal documentation of the Fletchers, crammed with stories and experiences including being on tour and travelling with a little one, breastfeeding, introducing a second child;  not to mention the adorable family photos, I mean we wouldn’t expect anything less from this down to earth family. I didn’t think my crush could grow anymore for Giovanna but it certainly has!! I didn’t want this book to stop and am preying she thinks about writing a follow up detailing toddler-hood, I need her wisdom and comedy through this tantrum time!

Let me know if you’ve read any of them,


Love Harriet x




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