My baby Sonny is turning 1 Today!….

My baby Sonny is turning 1 Today!….

I’m writing this post as my little baby boy Sonny is turning 1 today!!! Happy birthday gorgeous Sonny!!!  I think it’s a perfect day to press pause, just for a second and reflect on this first crazy year as a family and a first time mum

We were thrown into the full pelt of parenthood and it seems like we’ve been speeding at 100 miles an hour since that special day last summer. Nothing can prepare you for the change a baby brings, how much learning, exploring and guessing is ahead of you, adapting every aspect to fit this new chapter of your life.

So far I have learnt a lot along the way and I know that there is still plenty to grasp onto. One thing that i’m not afraid to say is that parenting is hard, its like nothing else, you put your whole energy into this tiny little bundle and everything else takes a back seat, especially the first months!    Some days the hours flyby, others the time really drags, some days you cry tears of happiness and other days of despair, it really is such an emotional roller coaster..if you thought you were tired before, just you wait!

One of the hardest things I found (which I briefly touch on here) is that you feel like you lose yourself and lose your old identity, this got to me a bit around 3/4 months but once I had got in the rhythm of it all, it became easier to rebuild myself, this time with a little baby in the picture.

All the panic and scary feelings dissolve super quickly when your squishy little one cuddles in to you, smiles at you and you’ll melt when they say ‘ma ma’ for the first time. There is no love like it, everyone says it… but its true, the overwhelming instinct to protect and nurture hits you with full force and suddenly you can’t imagine life being any different.


Sonnys laugh is infectious, even typing this and thinking of it puts a smile on my face! Ian and I find ourselves doing silly things all the time just to hear his giggle once more. I’m amazed by his ability to copy us and bursting with pride when he’s picked up a new skill such as waving, saying ‘ta’ and clapping…more recently he likes to grab a book, bring it to you and sit on your lap  (proud parent face….cringe)

I love his little personality, which came through very early on; he has a cheeky streak, a busy boy and is very nosey..a people watcher just like his parents! You cant take him to any coffee shop where he isn’t smiling at the waitress or babbling to the table next door!


Sonny has a lovely softer side too, he loves snuggling with his Dumbo teddy or array of Jelly cat bunnies, cuddling up when he’s drinking his milk.

Watching Ian and Sonny playing together melts my heart, his happy screeches when daddy is chasing him or blowing raspberries on his belly is so so adorable, their bond is very strong already, daddy gets some of the best smiles when he comes home from work.



Sonny I can’t believe you are 1! You make us so happy and the joy you bring to our whole family is indescribable, I am so thankful I get to share all your new experiences and am so excited for the next chapter.

Happy birthday Sonny bunny x

Love Harriet x






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