Malted Milk Tiffin….

Malted Milk Tiffin….

You know the score by now, I love to make something quick and easy- a lazy bake! The more chocolatey the better in my eyes!!

I saw this delish recipe on one of those Facebook posts that stops you mid scroll, leaving you drooling and tagging your friends in the hope that someone will make it for you! No one has made it for me (tut tut) so I thought why not grab all the bits and make it myself plusss this is a perfect naughty treat to enjoy over the festive season with friends.


*100g butter

*100g cookies

*100g malted biscuits

*100g malteasers

*100g milk bottle sweets, cut up

*2 tbs maple syrup

*200g dark chocolate

*200g milk chocolate

*300g milk, dark or white chocolate to melt for the topping



*Melt the butter, dark and milk chocolate plus syrup in a bowl over boiling water (Do not melt the topping chocolate yet!)

*Bash the cookies, some of the malted biscuits (keep some for decor) and the malteasers in a plastic bag with a rolling pin or wooden spoon (Careful not to split the bag) You want chunks of biscuit not tiny crumbs.

*Add the biscuits into the melted mix then stir in the milk bottle sweets, make sure everything is coated

*Pour mix into a lined or greased tray

*Melt the 300g of topping chocolate and then pour over the mixture

* Place the malted biscuits on top for decoration and leave to set in the fridge






Pour yourself a large cup of tea and enjoy….

Love Harriet x


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