Making Friends when your an adult…

Making Friends when your an adult…

You think when your little, you’ll meet your friends in reception class aged 5 and grow up inseparable, you’ll be each others Bridesmaids, God parents to their children and everything will be perfect because you swapped pogs and had matching pencil cases.. friends together forever.

A lot of people are still firm friends with their little mates they made way back when and that’s so sweet but in reality alot of people aren’t still in contact because we grow, we change and maybe the same taste in pencil case doesn’t equate to the same interests or outlooks in life.

I know I found my best friends around college age, I met people who shared the same genuine interests as me, all at the same stage of life, just starting to go out clubbing…we shared many chinese meals for 1, swigging lambrini whilst working out how the hell you put make up on or god forbid mastering fake tan. We got to know their parents because we stayed over every Saturday night. Growing and learning together, a great time to make some firm friends for life.

At the same time, I had started working,  meeting new people, creating relationships, going on many costa dates (because income was so disposable back then and the red cup was the accessory)  meeting their friends and adding these lovely girls to a big happy circle.

I am very lucky I have this solid group of friends, we have been together 10 years plus and our sharing of many embarrassing nights or hair styles, cheesy as it sounds means we are a sister hood and for a while I believed this is it, I have my group and couldn’t imagine wanting/ needing or trying to make any more friends.

Further into my twenties, Ian’s friends had girlfriends and some became close, another girl to sit with at a football presentation, a person to get ready with whilst the boys are being…. well boys! They fill another area of your life, a different social circle to add to your collection.

Then you have the gym friends, girls that you nod to and politely say hi because you see each other in Pump class 3 times a week, one day you strike up conversation, then before you know it 4 years later, you have some more amazing females to add to your crew with plenty of laughs along the way.

Late into my twenties I was surprised at find another bunch of girls quickly becoming my friends, the Mums friends who as I mention at length here  , the ladies that perhaps you may never have met or crossed paths with but you are united in the throws of motherhood and quickly bond and rely on each other.

I guess if you had asked me back in the lambrini days if I could image ‘making new friends’ I would have said no, I had enough people to catch up with and probably couldn’t imagine how, as a full grown adult you even go about making new friends, silly as it sounds I couldn’t imagine the scenario..’Hi i’m Harriet, lets be friends’ 

I find now, I gravitate even more strongly to the ladies who are similar to me – don’t get me wrong, diversity in a group is important, I don’t mean we should all be twins but an adult lifestyle is a busy one,  so you need the friends that put in as much effort as you and keep you sane when you need it.

I now think there is plenty of room for new friends, how nice it is to have so many lovely people to call upon, support and have fun with. whether its a night out, football dinner companion, playgroup date, gym session or pyjama night in, there is a friend for everything!

To my gorgeous friends whoever you are…I love you!

Love Harriet x



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