Lusty Glaze Beach…Newquay

Lusty Glaze Beach…Newquay

Lusty Glaze has been mentioned to me for a long time now, lots of friends have described it as a MUST  place to go when in Newquay therefore, its been on my ‘list’ for a long time. As we were holidaying nearby, it was the perfect opportunity for Ian and I to slip off and enjoy a lunch date together whilst Sonny was thoroughly spoilt by his grandparents.

Lusty Glaze derived from the Cornish translation of ‘a place to view blue boats’  is a stunning cove with wooden shacks and canvas gracing the sand to create a beautiful venue. A Perfect spot for either a casual lunch and play on the beach whilst at the same time totally special for a Wedding party or romantic meal.




We booked our table for 12.00 but wanted to arrive early to dip our toes in the sand and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Greeted by the loveliest staff who showed us to our table, positioned almost on the beach itself with gorgeous views of the sea,  we sat to drool over the menu! The Menu itself  is a great size, not too overwhelming but plenty on offer, breakfast, smaller bites such as sandwiches to the popular ‘Hot Rocks’ sizzling lava rocks to cook your meat, fish or veg of choice exactly how you like it, team this with your classic dishes and a humble choice of desserts you’ve got yourself a pretty fab menu!



I have to admit I already had a gander at the menu beforehand (I couldn’t resist) so we both ordered the Lusty burger and chips which 100% hit the spot especially the chorizo jam! For dessert I couldn’t avoid the chocolate and pistachio plate calling my name, this featured the most amazing chocolate brownie, pistachio cake with sugared pistachios and ice cream..delish! Ian opted for the eton mess which of course I tried and that was so tasty too!



The staff were super friendly and professional but also with a casual twist that totally worked! The restaurant interior some how manages to be beachy and cosy all at the same time. Twinkly lights dotted around making the atmosphere feel warm and fuzzy.



If you find yourself near Newquay… then you have to try Lusty, plus you need to check out the amazing array of hot chocolates, bounty or snickers flavour anyone?? YUM! Lusty also hosts music nights which is something I defiantly want to get in the diary! Thank you to the staff for making our little date lunch so enjoyable and delicious!

To have a little sneak peak visit here 


Love Harriet x


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