Liz Earle…The steps to skincare dreams…

Liz Earle…The steps to skincare dreams…

I know, I know… I am really late to the party with this one, an award winning brand, an obvious choice for skincare therefore, I have been asking myself over and over  why I haven’t got on board with this before but finally I can say.. I have joined the ‘cleansing revolution’ and purchased the Cleanse and Polish along with a whole host of botanical bottles of magic!

I love taking my make up off almost as much (if not the same) as putting make up on. I love cleaning my skin and even the simplest cleansing routine makes me feel like I have given myself a little bit of a pamper. You can imagine my excitement when at Christmas I received a lovely scented box containing a whole routine of products plus also a dreamy scented spa candle..cue immediate need for a bath hmmmm…

First off the classic, the cult, Cleanse and Polish. I love this thick formula which promises to remove any trace of make up and grime. Working in circular movements the product glides onto the skin and once removed with the pure muslin cloth, leaves you feeling so fresh also relaxed; all those lovely active ingredients such as Rosemary, Cocoa butter and Eucalyptus you see!

I follow the cleanse with Liz Earle’s Instant Boost Tonic, this gorgeous smelling and very gentle toner gives you an instant boost of hydration whilst soothing the skin with another amazing array of ingredients, honestly the science behind Liz Earle is so in depth and so interesting, I really trust they’ve done their research!

It only feels right to complete the regime with a smoother of moisturiser; I love the Skin Repair Moisturiser for normal/combination, its a non sticky, light weight and a little stretches along way plusss is so easy to wear under make up as part of your morning routine.

As part of this fab set came an additional product, Eye bright Soothing eye lotion which can be used as a wake-me-up sweep across the lid or a mini eye mask applied to cotton pads and left to refresh the delicate area.

The thing I love about Liz Earle is that the products are all natural and the complexity of active ingredients really does make your skin so radiant and extra clean. The products aren’t too harsh and they all work collectively together to give you the best results, its all down to the chemistry, which my geeky self loves… Liz Earle also sources the ingredients responsibly, doesn’t test on animals and is preservative free.

Above all though, I just love that gently clean and refreshed with a 3 step, 1 brand regime instead of mixing and matching products however, I am still clutching onto my trusty Elemis resurfacing wash for every other day, I have yet to give that baby up!

Find out more about Liz Earle and the amazing ethos here

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