Mum and Baby Favourites….June

Mum and Baby Favourites….June

Can you believe it’s now July? Whatt!! Without sounding too much of an old lady this year is flying extra fast!…Anyway I have a few things for you that I’ve been loving this month, All mum and baby related:

Sonny is 10 and a half months old and is hectic..totally amazing but very hectic! There is so much discovering, exploring and learning to do, thrown together with our ‘on the go’ lifestyle means that come bed time we are all in desperate need of some major zzzzzzz

Here is a little collection of what I’ve loved in June…



Truly, happy baby- It worked for me by Holly Willoughby

I love Holly, full stop,  I feel like we could be real friends (I am not a stalker honest) So feeding Sonny his 11am bottle, watching Phil and Holly- I am a secret (not anymore) This Morning geek…I randomly thought ‘why hasn’t Holly’ written a mum/ baby book, she has 3 children and openly shares her experiences on TV therefore, I thought a book would be a great idea! Low and behold come February she announced a book is in the pipeline and fast forward to June, I have a copy in my hands!

I have just finished reading it and I must say this light hearted book is full of facts, tips and stories of Holly’s own parenting realisations. This is not a book which tells you how you MUST care for your baby but more a list of helpful things to know, clever hacks and a firm belief that your gut instinct as a mummy is best! Reading this book is just like talking to a friend and I recommend any new or experience mums gets a chance to grab a copy…. even if just for the fun stories thrown amongst it



Weaning is fun don’t get me wrong, finding mashed banana in your hair and blitz carrot on your jeans is not the best bit but is all part and parcel.  Sometimes when we are running out of the door and the weaning pots haven’t defrosted in time or I wasn’t organised the night before, a handy pouch is a life saver!

I love Ella’s Kitchen and For Aisha pouches, both providing wholesome, organic meals with a massive variety of tastes to really broaden your babies buds! I can rest assured, Sonny is eating delicious meals whilst discovering new favourites!



I never go anywhere without a spare bottle of milk, my worry is that you never know where you’ll end up and often milk will solve the niggliest of problems. Carrying the right temperature of milk or having enough powder with you can be tricky. When I realised you could get made up cartons of formula, all ready at the right temperature, measured correctly, I did a little clap it my head!  You literally pour into a bottle and you’re good to go… these are even in my glove box!


Sonny has loved the water from an early age. I decided to take him to swimming lessons from 3 months therefore, its no surprise that bath time is one of his favourite things. Our trusty bath favourites includes the Avent bath thermometer, I wouldn’t be without this as it shows the perfect water temperature and gives us that all important peace of mind! Along with splashing, our colourful bath balls provides a lot of entertainment, I particularly like these as they break apart and have holes in the bottom meaning that water can escape…no trapped water therefore no nasty mould build up and easy to clean!


Reading to your baby can feel odd at first, remember though, they may not understand what your saying but they love the sound of your voice, plus its proven to help with their speech and language! There’s something lovely about sharing a book and I love watching Sonny looking at the pictures and helping to turn the page.

I’m sure month 11 will bring lots of new favourites along for the ride, so I will keep you updated!


Love Harriet x






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