Importance of Mum Friends….

Importance of Mum Friends….

Ask me pre mum life if I could imagine myself willingly attending ‘mum and baby’ classes, groups and planned activities, I would have given a look of noooo way, other screaming babies, whilst strangers are thrown together expecting to share birthing stories, no details spared??? you must be crazy…

Crazy hell no, for me these strangers have helped me, they have put a smile on my face when I was feeling like I was the only one so tired I could fall asleep on the spot, they have given me reassurance, tried and tested advice rather then the sometimes pushy professional text book approaches, they have become a fab set of friends!

The class I loved the most in my area was ‘Strollers’ this is a group who meet in a local spot and as the title says.. stroll…strolling around our local area, discovering new walks and chatting as you go, to finish up in a lovely venue for coffee and cake (always a fab way to end a walk)

I have met the best group of mums from this group and my only wish is that I started walking with them sooner! I spent many hours walking on my own just to get Sonny to snooze, it would have been so lovely to walk with someone else at the time! Now back at work, I’m so sad I cant attend..insert massive cry emoji face!

We do however meet up in our spare time and I must say these mums are so fun to go out with, its like letting a bunch of crazy animals free, the evening is cheap because we haven’t had wine for 9 months or longer, the appreciation of just a warm dinner well over rides the need for a posh restaurant and the conversation is flowing, even if we do talk birth stories or how many times our baby was sick on us..I actually love these conversations now, its that YOU ARE NORMAL angels singing moment ahhhhhhhhh


I get that its not for everyone but what I would say is give it a try…you don’t have to go back again, they wont keep you hostage but I am so happy I gave it a chance because now I have a great circle to call upon if I need some advice, have a question or just want a moan…they totally get it rather then boring your non baby friends – who are amazing of course but may not understand the importance of  Infacol or Lanolin.

Check out your local council run groups they are often free, my local Mid Devon can be found here or try Mumsnet where you can search your local area.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to try it out!

Love Harriet x


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