Why I love Body Pump…

Why I love Body Pump…

I am a massive fan of exercise, since sports day in primary school the thrill of exercise and the adrenaline rush after has always had me hooked! I have been a gym member since the age of 15 and although my relationship with exercise hasn’t always been so light hearted (sometimes a little obsessive) I love nothing more than working out and relieving any stress or anxiety from the day.

About 4 years ago, I was looking to mix up my normal gym and running routine and had heard about a class called Body Pump. Body pump is an instructor led class, choreographed to music, working on all different muscle groups from legs, back, arms and abs. Weight lifting wasn’t as popular and massive as it is now but I knew I wanted to try something more focused and less cardio plus I was interested to see what results it would have.

My local class was amazing, the instructors all inspiring, they would carefully explained each muscle group and the expected weights we should be working towards, plus the music really helped to lose yourself. My first class flew by and the ache the day after left me looking forward to the next session. I quickly became hooked and have been attending ‘Pump’ 2-3 times a week for the last 4 years, attending throughout my pregnancy right up until a week before my due date.

I loved the way my body changed, pump really strengthens and shapes you as well as being super satisfying when you are able to increase your weights and lift heavy. The big muscle groups are big calorie burners and you come out with a good sweat, elbow sweat really is a thing (Pumpers will know what i’m saying)

My class follows the Les Mills programme meaning that every 3 months the choreography and music is changed  so we are constantly using different exercises to work out different muscles, challenging ourselves and learning about our body (Can you see I am a pump geek???)

So if you looking for a different type of work out, looking to push yourself and get those muscles peaking through then I defiantly recommend giving Body pump a go!

Here more about it here

Love Harriet x


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