ESPA Replenishing Collection….

ESPA Replenishing Collection….

The summer has definitely left a drying impression on my skin and I feel like I need to inject some glow back into my face asap! I was speaking to the lovely therapists at work and they recommended trying some ESPA products and perhaps starting with the Replenishing Collection.

ESPA is a luxury skincare spa brand and is only featured in specially selected spas across the world, luckily where I work is one of them, meaning I have access to our highly qualified therapists to pick their brains when I have a skin SOS. I also get to see the wide variety of products first hand, smell the scent and feel the formula which is always a bonus when purchasing something new.

The product range for ESPA is vast, ranging from cleansers, masks, moisturisers, body lotion, essential oils and even home products such as scented candles, hundreds of products but one clear ethos to look after you and your skin! Check out the website to see all the amazing products here 

Replenish is a word I like, so when I was shown this amazing collection I knew this would be something my dehydrated skin was crying out for. The collection features a full size 200ml Hydrating cleansing milk, 200ml Hydrating Floral Spa fresh toner, a mini Optimal skin Pro-Moisturiser and a mini Optimal skin Pro Defence SPF 15 all you need to get that skin back up to hydrated gorgeousness!


Hydrating Cleansing Milk

This silky formula glides onto the skin removing make up, pollution and general day build up. A gentle cleanser which helps to calm and soothe the skin whilst smelling amazing, probably due to the sweet almond, marshmellow and chamomile ingredients.

Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh Toner

I love applying this after a cleanse but especially in the morning to really wake up and rejuvenate my skin, its comfortable and light and preps my skin ready for moisturiser. This refreshing step is my favourite part of this new skin care routine.

Optimal Skin Pro-Moisturiser

Again another lovely silky product, lightweight and smells lovely! This is an intuitive formula so will suit any skin time to re-balance and restore. This moisturiser is designed to use long term to really ensure visible and healthy  skin for life.

Optimal Skin Pro Deference SPF

This skin saviour is packed with pant, marine and aromatherapy ingredients to really protect and strengthen the skin against all sorts of pollution and nasties! Pop it under your moisturiser and it also becomes a great primer!



If you are local to the Exeter area and want to treat yourself to an amazing spa treatment which uses these fantastic ESPA products then check out Exeter Golf and Country clubs award winning Wear Park Spa – I 100% think you should experience these!!

Off to cleanse now..

Love Harriet x


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