The 4 gift guide rule…I’m adopting…

The 4 gift guide rule…I’m adopting…

This will be Sonnys second Christmas and although its all very exciting I find buying presents for him really tricky not to mention, what do you get a child that seems to have everything ohh and don’t get me started on the toy mess!

Last year he was 5 months old and didn’t really need anything major plus he had no idea what was happening so buying gifts seemed really strange.

This year I have tried to  think about a Christmas list for him, ready in case anyone asks me but most importantly I have decided that I am going to adopt the 4 gift guide rule as a way to streamline what we give him; that way it will be consistent each year and fair.

The principle of the 4 gift guide rule is  a gift he needs, a gift he wants, a gift to wear and a gift to read. I think this is a sweet way to ensure each Christmas he isn’t overly spoilt and getting presents just for the sake of it.

A gift he needs… For now this will be something I’ll choose, something that is practical which I’m sure this will get easier to select as he gets older.

A gift he wants…This will be that magical thing that he really wants, the top of his Christmas list but as little chap is still to young to want anything I will have to pick it this year.

A gift to wear…I love this idea as I always had fresh, crisp, new PJs for Christmas and a new sparkly outfit for Christmas day and even as a child this was one of my favourite elements, it always made me feel so special so I 100%  will be following this tradition! I think new PJs for Christmas eve and the clothes wrapped up under the tree.

A gift to read…My brother and I used to pull out the Jolly Christmas Postman each Christmas amongst others and sit on our beds excitedly reading it…I want Sonny to get that same magical feeling! My idea is to collect a book each year, luckily Sonny loves a book so hopefully he will really enjoy!

For someone who likes working from a list or logical order I think this will de-stress the Christmas gift buying and set up another new Patchett family tradition.

Love Harriet x




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