Celebrating our 2nd Wedding anniversary….Celtic Manor

Celebrating our 2nd Wedding anniversary….Celtic Manor

2 years has flown by, that amazing wedding day back in August 2014 went too quickly but the memories and the fun we had at our wedding always puts a big smile on my face!

In our 7 and a half years of being together, Ian and I have never really made a big ‘thing’ of our anniversaries, instead opting for the cliché,  why celebrate just on one day, every day should be special blah blah, I was fine with that back then but now that we are married it seems important to take some time out and celebrate the milestone every year, even just a ‘date’ to get away from the day to day parenthood seems so special and rare now a days.

Our first anniversary last year, was very different; We had a week old baby and both full immersed in a blurry bubble of parenthood however, we still managed to go for a lovely afternoon tea with new human in tow. The only draw back was that we rushed the afternoon, constantly checking on our sleeping baby, worried by the restrictions of feeding/ nap time and unsure how long we could push being out with a newborn (oh if what we knew now)

This year we wanted to do something special and therefore decided to return to one of our favourite hotels, Celtic Manor in Newport Wales. Sonny all packed ready to spend a night with Grannie and some fun fuelled days with his Grampa and Aunty, we set off straight on the M5 and headed for 2,000 acres of bliss.

Home of the 2010 Ryder cup, Celtic Manor Resort Hotel is a 5 star haven, most importantly for me, it’s complete with luxury spa, gorgeous indoor pool and amazing array of restaurants…the perfect place for us to unwind and take some time out as a couple.




After checking into our room complete with anniversary chocolates, Flurry towels in hand we headed straight to the forum health suit and jumped straight into the Jacuzzi and let the bubbles work their magic for a couple of hours before a few obligatory lengths of swimming (in prep for the mammoth food eating later)


We spent the afternoon playing mini golf, people watching and having such a laugh, then before we knew it 8pm hit and it was time for dinner. We ate in the Olive tree restaurant and sat in the lovely romantically lit conservatory. The restaurant was buzzing with atmosphere and the staff so attentive, nothing was too much hassle.




The food what can I say?? platters upon platters of deliciousness to suit any appetite or preference. We chose salads and tartlets to start, the goats cheese and red onion being the best I have ever had. Main time arrived and we both opted for a carvery, this wasn’t any old carvery though.. crispy potatoes roasted in duck fat, maple syrup glazed carrots and the creamiest cauliflower cheese, truly amazing!! The other options included pasta dishes, fresh fish and any dietary needs promised to be met.

Finally dessert course..my fav! There were too many options, therefore we thought logically and enjoyed a bit of each..chocolate mud pie, summer berry pudding, lavender and cream tarts, sticky toffee sponge, handmade truffles..each mouthful amazing but defiantly an eyes bigger than our bellies situation! 

We wound down the night in Merlins bar and enojoyed some drinks complete with piano in the background, a lovely way to end the evening.


After a blissful nights sleep, we headed for yet more food…breakfast time! I had promised myself fruit and yogurt but once I saw sight of the fresh pancakes with maple syrup, banana and chocolate shavings, my mind was quickly turned…might as well keep the calories coming right??!

Once breakfast was demolished we leisurely headed home with full bellies, smiles on our faces and a promise to go on more ‘dates’ and take time out as a couple!

If your looking for a lovely break, I defiantly recommend Celtic Manor, they run some amazing offers so do check them out here!

Apologise for the lack of food photos but we decided no phones at the table!

Love Harriet x




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