Stumbling across Polperro….(Treehouse break part 2)

Whilst it was super cosy in our Treehouse hide away (See my previous post) you should know by now that I love a little wonder and to discover somewhere new! The sun was out, the air crisp, so the girls and I hopped into the car and set off following signs which lead to Polperro, we decided to just go with it and see what we could discover there!

Once parked up, we followed the stream through the valley amongst the gorgeous array of cottages,  quaint pubs, cafes and holiday lets…even a Christmas shop which received excited squeals from this gaggle of girls!





The path eventually takes you out onto a small harbour and sandy beach decorated with colourful fisherman houses and  a beautiful landscape which stretches miles out to sea.  History notes that Polperro was a hot spot for smugglers and with its secluded coves and caves you can see why!

Polperro has a lovely heritage and  charming feel about it , close to Looe and Pelynt there is plenty to fill a couple hours, enjoy a coffe on the harbour wall and breath in some fresh Cornish air!








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Love Harriet x


Sunday Rambles…Knightshayes Tiverton

Sundays have always been and will always continue to be a family day in my eyes, a day to go out together or snuggle up watching a film, either way its the day in the busy week to slow things down a little and just enjoy each others company.

Our particular favourite thing to do on a Sunday is go for a leisurely walk, ramble around a beautiful Devon spot (I can assure you we have many) blow out the cobwebs and  stumble across a coffee shop… throw in a roast dinner and some good TV and that’s it, we are in heaven!

The saying ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’ couldn’t be more true!

Confession time…I love a National Trust… yep there you go, said it and yes I am still in my twenties (just) and Devon seems to have some of the most amazing National Trust Properties around, luckily for us Knightshayes is near enough on our doorstep! So one chilly but bright October morning we decided to round up some fellow Patchetts and the doggies for a weekend wellie walk.

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Celebrating our 2nd Wedding anniversary….Celtic Manor

2 years has flown by, that amazing wedding day back in August 2014 went too quickly but the memories and the fun we had at our wedding always puts a big smile on my face!

In our 7 and a half years of being together, Ian and I have never really made a big ‘thing’ of our anniversaries, instead opting for the cliché,  why celebrate just on one day, every day should be special blah blah, I was fine with that back then but now that we are married it seems important to take some time out and celebrate the milestone every year, even just a ‘date’ to get away from the day to day parenthood seems so special and rare now a days.

Our first anniversary last year, was very different; We had a week old baby and both full immersed in a blurry bubble of parenthood however, we still managed to go for a lovely afternoon tea with new human in tow. The only draw back was that we rushed the afternoon, constantly checking on our sleeping baby, worried by the restrictions of feeding/ nap time and unsure how long we could push being out with a newborn (oh if what we knew now)

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Mini Holiday…St Ives and its neighbours…

St Ives you never disappoint, you little gem of beautiful blue sea, creamy sandy beach and hub of of local this I mean fudge, ice cream you know the situ! .

Back in gloomy February my dad suggested booking a summer mini break to Cornwall and in particular Hayle near St Ives, I think I probably squealed with excitement, July couldn’t come soon enough and already I was planning in my head all the lovely places we would be visiting!

Dad, along with the rest of the family arrived a couple days beforehand, tested out the BBQ (tough job!) and sent pictures of some truly tropical looking beaches whilst I was sat at my work desk (thanks dad!) So when Wednesday arrived we were packed and on the road by 8am ready to meet the family and start our mini break.

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A Saturday Spent in Looe Cornwall….

As the football season is still on its summer break, I get to have my husband back on a Saturday for a few more weeks, so we decided to plan some day trips and make the most of having full weekends off together.                                            My in-laws stay in Looe a lot (which is South East Cornwall) and they happened to be holidaying down there last  weekend,  Up early as normal with an 11 month old, we decided why not jump in the car and head down to meet them, get some fish and chips and spend a day by the Cornish sea.

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