Building My Wardrobe Post Pregnancy

Building My Wardrobe Post Pregnancy

Aside from all the classic changes you expect from pregnancy, you know the body changes, lifestyle changes, mood changes (ekkk)  I found one area of pregnancy more difficult than I expected and that was not really feeling like ‘Me’

Just for a quick overview – my pregnancy was relatively easy, I still went to the gym and my usual exercise classes until my due date. I had no major health concerns and generally it was all fab! (sorry for the bad pic!)

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Inevitably my bump (and body) grew and as I wasn’t fitting into my normal clothes.  I found my ‘go-to’ outfits were the same old leggings and baggy dresses (uninspiring and depressing!) This feeling of dressing yourself practically instead of wearing items that you love and keeping to your own sense of style led me to one day have a good ol’ detox of my wardrobe.

Que bin liners of  pre pregnancy items that I didn’t wear, love or want anymore, items that maybe didn’t really suit me or the shape didn’t hang right and clothes that were too short (what did my 22 yr old self think!)

Fast forward 9 months and I am starting to gradually build my wardrobe back up- After losing the baby weight plus more,I feel the best I have for a long time (another post, another day) and ready to get some pieces I love  back into this space!


My first purchases included Jeans, a standard must have for everyone, especially easy to grab when you haven’t really got time to think!                    My first favourites are my light wash River island MOM Jeans, think boyfriend but a little more tailored and particularly important to me that they are high rise fit (In fact all my jeans are high rise, I can stand seeing a flash of crack -who does?)

My other denim loves are my Topshop Jamie Jeans and Primark High rise skinny- I love the fact these are fitted and graze the ankle plus the frayed edge of the Primarks are a nice little detail.


I love jackets in any form and this season obsession with the Bomber is a cool easy way to make sure you are on trend whilst keeping warm when the sun goes in (thank you English weather!) I love my new Boohoo Emily Bomber at only £15 its not going to break the bank but Is still really pretty whilst being practical too!


My grey midi dress from New Look is perfect for day to night attire.               I particularly love the knot near the waist to add extra forgiveness and also the midi length is fab for when running around after a small baby!


Lastly I have been buying some new blouses which I love to throw on with jeans for a slightly smarter look. Adding to my collection this Wallis white lace number and also this Sainsburys steal at only £6!  Pretty patterned blouse are easy pieces to have to hand!

My wardrobe is by no means filled to the brim with key pieces, it probably never will be!    At least I have some great go-to items that I love and make me feel more like i’m dressing for myself.

Next on my ‘to get’ list next is a  LBD,  tshirts (plain, pattern, logo- great for layering) and brogues.. I miss my brogues

What are your key pieces?

Love Harriet x



  1. June 16, 2016 / 7:13 am

    Love the bomber jacket Harriet! x

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