When did you become a toddler??…18 month update

When did you become a toddler??…18 month update

Toddler..I am a mum to a toddler, when did this happen?? I mean everyone tells you that these years flyby and when you are sleep deprived glancing at your 10th un-touched cold coffee you half heartily believe them but I can tell you 18 months in that it really has flown.

The word ‘Toddler’ is quite a scary thing in itself, it conjures up all sorts of tantrum throwing scenarios mixed with sheer panic of stepping closer to potty training challenges and even pre-school….ok lets not get too ahead Harriet!

my little cheeky 18 month old is surprising us everyday, picking up new words, understanding directions that we are giving him and I am amazed by how much his little brain is taking in, no wonder he is knackered by 7pm (as are we)

I love watching Sonny play with his toys, talk to them, entertaining himself and watching him interact with other children. I’ve noticed the difference between a 12 month old who plays as an individual even in a room full of other children compared to an 18 month old who is starting to enjoy the company, play alongside and when encouraged pass toys to one another.

The emotions of this little chappy are becoming strong, the choice of 2 different biscuits can cause the mother of tantrums, drinking out of the ‘wrong’ water bottle can cause all hell to break loose but i’m trying to stay strong, set some guidelines and learn to take some deep breaths whilst he has a mini meltdown.

Alongside the emotional development, we’ve noticed Sonny become even more clingy to his comforter and his dummy, after a bit of research we now know its the peak time that children choose transitional items to keep them secure whilst exploring the big world.  I am not going to be harsh whilst he’s taking in so much else and I am sure he wont be taking Dumbo on his first date, so whats the issue??

We are trying to make sure Sonny’s food is as varied as it can be, also a little bit more ‘chunky’ rather than mushed so that he can start using a fork and eating less like a baby, at the moment this is proving  more of a messy game to him but we’ll get there!

Milk wise sonny has been on cows milk since he was 12 months and still has a bit after his porridge in the morning and then after his bath in the evening as part of a wind down routine.

Naps…the holy grail, the slot of time every parent clings on to and the chance for everyone to recharge their batteries! Sonny generally has a nap just after lunch and dropped his morning one after his first birthday. Its my job in the morning to try and tire him out, keep him active, do anything that will make the nap as long as it can be… not just for me but his mood is so much better once he’s had a decent rest!

Overall our lovely 18 month old is becoming such a little mate, his character is changing all the time and each day we both are learning something new, the word ‘Toddler’ isn’t so daunting and definitely holds a fun aspect as well as a scary one!

Love Harriet x






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