5 Things I wished I appreciated during Maternity leave….

5 Things I wished I appreciated during Maternity leave….

Maternity leave seems to have this kind of gloss about it, people assume its filled with coffee dates, lunch gatherings and shopping trips however in reality it is often very different!

My maternity started mid-July, boiling summer heat, waddling around like a whale with 2 weeks to go until my baby was finally here. I went from a full time hectic work schedule to then find myself unsure of what I should be or need to be doing with this time.

9 months flew-by taking a massive range of emotions with it! Some days covered in sick, some days lipstick was even applied…some times I had a million plans and others nothing to do and feeling a bit lonely.  On reflection it was a great time but also it’s a hard time to really enjoy as once you get over the initial ‘I’ve just had a baby’ shock, you don’t really know what to do with yourself and your little human.


5 things I wish I had done / thought of / enjoyed whilst I was on MAT leave:

  • Sleep – Sleep before the baby arrives…Yes, this may seem obvious (It’s hard with a big bump in the way, oh and the pregnancy dreams waking you!) Even though a million people tell you how little sleep you get once your newborn is here, I still didn’t allow myself the luxury of an afternoon nap and I wish I had because boyyyyy I missed sleep for a good few months after!


  • Have a Pyjama day – Get cosy on the sofa, get your fav TV on with your snacks in reaching distance and just have a really relaxing day to yourself, I crave time to myself and rarely get the chance so I wished I took more opportunity to do this!


  • Organise your life- Check any imminent bills, car tax renewals, MOTs etc and get all those things planned, paid or notes made! We missed one of our car tax renewals and received a penalty fine which is annoying when your mind is major sleep deprived and on other things!


  • Familiarise yourself with online Supermarket shopping – I had never used this before but it 100% saved me when I needed to keep our cupboards and fridge stocked and didn’t have the energy or time for a trip to the shop plussss,  it stopped me picking up chocolate the odd thing here or there that I didn’t really need therefore saving some much needed pennies!


  • Date nights- Book in some date nights with your partner, friends and parents. Schedule some delicious meals out that you can enjoy as this can be quite  tricky once little one is here! It sounds obvious but it’s something we don’t do enough of full stop so get planning!


If you have any extra suggestions feel free to comment!

Love Harriet x




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