5 Apps I am loving…

5 Apps I am loving…

Recently I’ve seen a lot of bloggers sharing their favourite apps and I am enjoying reading what everyone else is loving #noseyparker soooo I thought I would share my top 5 just in case anyone fancies discovering something new? Obviously I love all social media…Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, they are my ultimate time wasters and fantastic ways to communicate business wise and personally… plus…. with twitter its all about ‘live’ time and being relevant, perfect for keeping up with friends, finding a new restaurant deal and checking traffic before I venture up the M5!

My  most used though is 100% the ‘Notes app’ this keeps me sane..shopping lists, wish lists, recipes, you name it and it will be listed on this app!  So aside from the mentioned already, here are my other go-to’s…. Please share any of your apps, I’d love to know your favs and why!

Wonder Weeks

A must app for any new parents out there! This was recommended to me by one of my best friends after I was having a tough week and didn’t feel like Sonny was himself. This app charts your babies first 18 months of development like a weather chart, explaining whats going on in their little world, how they are developing and what they are learning whilst considering the emotions and personality traits to expect when these ‘leaps’ happen. This little nugget of information really helped me understand what was going on and how babies take in this big ol world, I really recommend downloading it!


I love shopping and am overloaded by individual retail apps but sometimes I want to search for an item over many sites and with Shopstyle it allows you to type in say ‘womens red blouse’  refine the details such as price, style, size and then it brings up a selection from a broad range of fashion companies all at different price points for you to shop away.. a quick and easy way to compare what the high street has to offer! Warning this is a dangerous app and your wallet may hate you!!

Interval timer

I am a massive fan of HIIT (high intensity interval training) quick and hard sessions of exercise with great results, perfect when you have limited time. I often watch Youtube sessions for inspiration or sometimes I will write my own and this is where this handy app helps! You can set the time and reps so it beeps away at you whilst you are jumping, push upping or lunging around the room! Also sometimes when I am on a run, i’ll set it to let me know when to add some sprints in for extra fat burning!


This app has been on my phone for years and I use it every month almost without fail! Basically each month you can choose up to 40 free prints from your camera reel to turn into actual photos. I love photo albums and hate having thousands of photos stored on my phone so I take them off each month and pop them into albums for future afternoons spent looking at memories (or in reality gathering dust) This is handy for saving storage space on your phone and as another form of back up. All you need to pay is postage which is around £2-£3 and your sorted!

Love Harriet x


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