4 of my favourite accessories……

4 of my favourite accessories……

So all this Christmas list writing is making me look at the things I do own, realise the items I use alot of and figure out what makes it onto the ‘worth it’ purchase list in my head.

There are plenty of items which ended up being a waste of money or one-time-worn pieces gathering dust in a draw somewhere however,  these following 4 accessories have definitely saved an outfit crisis or two, been a complete staple in my wardrobe and even if on the more expensive side totally worth each penny when worn hundreds of times!


Kate Spade NY Shoulder Bag

I purchased this bag in Vegas, 2 years ago on our honeymoon. It was a present to myself and a way to attach a memory of a special time to an item that would remind me everytime I reached for it. The colour is quite bright but it adds a pop and variety to any outfit, plus it always makes me feel super fancy when I wear it. The multi strap choice is fab and all the gorgeous details make it such a pretty girlie bag!




Vivienne Westwood Earrings

These earrings were my first loves…materialistically speaking! I bought these 10 years ago after meeting a girl who introduced me to Vivienne Westwood at a Topshop visual merchandising event (She seemed so super cool!) . I instantly wanted them and saved up for what felt like ages to get my hands on them. They’re not to everyone’s taste but that’s part of the reason I like them, they are so different and I feel amazing wearing them!


Michael Kors Watch

Ian bought me this watch nearly 8 years ago for our very first Christmas….this was wayyyy before MK blew up! At the time everyone was wearing delicate, thin pieces but after browsing Net a Porter one night it landed firmly on my wishlist.. Funny as for a while people would comment how masculine it was; fast forward a year or two and they are everywhere! I wear this every single day without fail and it is among my most treasured possessions.


Scarfs… Vintage or new

I love scarfs..chunky knits and blanket scarfs for the general day but a silky, pretty scarf is where my heart really lies. I have (as you can clearly see) quite a collection, some are new but most are vintage, brought/ collected from around the country or passed down from relatives. The collection includes a really old but beautiful Jacques Vert  and also my beloved Alexander McQueen. Each scarf is so different, there is one for any outfit or any occasion. These handy items quickly add something interesting to any day or night combo!



So there you go, the purchases that although a little more spendy  are firmly on the good list!

Love Harriet x



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