When did you become a toddler??…18 month update

Toddler..I am a mum to a toddler, when did this happen?? I mean everyone tells you that these years flyby and when you are sleep deprived glancing at your 10th un-touched cold coffee you half heartily believe them but I can tell you 18 months in that it really has flown.

The word ‘Toddler’ is quite a scary thing in itself, it conjures up all sorts of tantrum throwing scenarios mixed with sheer panic of stepping closer to potty training challenges and even pre-school….ok lets not get too ahead Harriet!

my little cheeky 18 month old is surprising us everyday, picking up new words, understanding directions that we are giving him and I am amazed by how much his little brain is taking in, no wonder he is knackered by 7pm (as are we)

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Planning your Wedding….Choosing a Wedding venue….

I’ve decided to write a little mini series of posts that will wedge between other content on tips for when planning your wedding. Its becoming that time of year where wedding season booms so these posts will be little snippets of things I’ve learnt in my 5 years of being a wedding planner along with my own thoughts gathered whilst planning my  very own wedding nearly 3 years ago.    The first subject is tackling the biggy….The venue…The venue is what sets the tone/ theme and feel of the day, it can have limitations or can open up a whole range of ideas for you to explore. In my opinion before you get into the depths of planning the finer details, you need to get the venue pinned down and booked up.

The venue will tell you how many people you can invite and also if they have any restrictions on supplying food or sourcing outside caterers. It will shape exactly how the day will turn out to be.

You may have your heart set on a particular place or you may not have a clue where to start. If you don’t have a clue then I recommend booking a few different places to view, the more variety the better, the barn you discounted may actually be a hidden gem! Plusss you have places to compare and new ideas to take with you.

When visiting a venue I 100% recommend firstly booking an appointment.  Make sure you have designated time with the wedding coordinator and can access the space; if you just turn up it will be likely you may not get quality time, feel rushed and leave not seeing all that you needed to see!

Take a list of questions with you, you’ll need to know the capacity, will it fit all your guests in??? What catering packages and menus do they supply? What time does the bar close? Do they have areas for photographs? can you throw confetti? You will know what elements of the day are important to you and your fiancee (no matter how big or small) so make sure these are all agreed before you book and part money with your cash! No question is a silly question and the more random us planners actually really like!

Something I think is important and still surprises me when talking to brides is that with some venues you will meet your coordinator, build a relationship throughout the planning process to find that they actually aren’t there working on your wedding day!! Lots of venues pass over the details to a catering supervisor and I’m sure they are fully qualified but for me I think its so important the person you are emailing for a year, who knows your dream and vision is the one making sure its all running smoothly on the day. This means you don’t have to think of anything other then enjoying yourself and soaking it all in….Being a coordinator myself, I always make sure I am there on the Wedding day, not only to make it the smoothest day ever but to share the joy and make sure all that hard work has pulled together, also having been the bride myself I know that it takes alot of stress away from the day!

There are so many elements to making sure the venue is right for you and of course any extra advice you need please do get in touch but my final piece for this post is the feeling you get somewhere, you’ll know if its the right place, if your vision will come to reality or if perhaps you still need to continue the search..

Happy venue hunting…

Love Harriet x

*Photo credit- Exeter Golf and Country Club, Devon – exetergcc.co.uk



Bluebird Restaurant, Chelsea…London

London is brimming with restaurants, cafes and amazing foodie haunts, so no wonder a girl can be overwhelmed when picking a place for a long leisurely lunch or in our case special birthday spot.  After a bit of research mixed with MIC notes and some good ol’ insta stalking, I decided that the Bluebird cafe and restaurant would be a perfect place to dine amongst the hustle and bustle of our London girlie weekend.

Sat beautifully along Kings Road, the courtyard lit with fairy lights greets you whilst fur blankets and squidgy sofas await perfectly positioned under a heated canopy.

Stepping into the restaurant was like stepping into a little garden sanctuary, greenery swaddled the building whilst a beautiful open bar decorated the middle of the floor. Once shown to our booth, the lure of pancakes with pancetta and maple syrup led us to ordering the 3 course brunch and wow it was delicious!

Dishes of chilli and lime squid, crushed avocado on sourdough, sirloin steak, sea bass and the most tasty chicken dish with garlic and olive oil creamy mash graced our table. Obviously we couldn’t say no to dessert so between us we choose, french toast, quinoa granola and molten chocolate. The food was outstanding, full of flavour and just the right portion size. The service was attentive and slick, we spend the whole afternoon grazing and chatting and not once felt rushed.


The professional service mixed with the light and airy restaurant meant the atmosphere was perfect, not stuffy but smart enough, a perfect place for a special birthday, lunch, brunch or afternoon tea.
If you fancy more of a pit stop whilst running errands or whilst grabbing a quick espresso with friends the Bluebird cafe beside the courtyard provides a more casual vibe and definitely worth checking out.

The whole experience was amazing and so memorable, I cant wait to brunch here again and 100% recommend you stepping foot into Bluebird if you get the chance!

Love Harriet x



Give your Blonde some TLC with Lee…

Come January everything needs some TLC, my body needs a break from the fizz and sugar, my skin needs to cleanse from the toxins and my blonde hair is in need of a major colour pick me up!

After speaking to a fellow blonde who’s locks are maintaining their dazzling colour (amazingly… I should say) between salon visits I was persuaded to pick up Lee Staffords BLEAch BLondes . This range promises to refresh and restore hair to salon worthy colour whilst getting rid of that horrid brass tone that all blondes dred!

The purple toned shampoo and conditioner includes a mix of ingredients to encourage natural shine and glow something us blondes are majorly jealous of with you brunettes!!

I have been using this combo for about 6 weeks now and I can truly see the difference in my hair colour, its refreshed and the warm tones my hair naturally picks out is reduced plusss the product smells gorgeous just like that smell the salon leaves you with hmmmm….

I would recommend you leave the shampoo and conditioner in for as long as you can to just give maxium results.

Massive thumbs up to Lee Stafford, it actually does what it says and is well worth the price tag which is not often something I say trawling through the aisle of over priced shampoo.

Love Harriet x


Let it go…

No I am not talking Frozen although I know let it goooo… let it gooo is ringing round in your head right now?! Soz about that!!

What i’m talking about is not stressing the small stuff, not worrying about what people think so much and letting go of that little thing that bothered you yesterday and just plain move on.

I am a million percent a worrier and the silliest of things can play on my mind, I annoyingly can’t brush off comments that others can and with my mind running at 10000mph I really need to calm the f*** down sometimes!

I am not one for resolutions but I am most certainly one for evaluating and moving forward; Soooo this year I am going to work on letting go of silly things bothering me, you cant change them and they are never as bad as you build up in your head. I’m going to work on brushing off anything that really isn’t worth sinking in and not waste precious time stressing. This year I will be happily skipping along giving myself a break and learning to switch off (hopefully)

Love Harriet x