NYE Party looks……

Even though I don’t get much time to shop or get dressed up for a night out anymore, they still remain some of my favourite things to do and nothing screams more of an occasion or reason to do both then New Years Eve…

New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to swamp yourself in sequins or spend your Christmas money on that dress you’ve been eyeing up for ages plusss come boxing day it will probably have gone in the sale anyway so grab yourself some bargins!

Whether your plans are a full on night out, house party or chilled prosecco on the sofa, I think its nice to make that little effort and mark the occasion before the January blues sink in!  Here are my favourite picks right now all under £60…

Miss Selfridge Metallic midi skirt, these are everywhere and you can see why…easy to dress up with a cami or down with a turtle neck a la Holly Willoughby (check out her insta)…

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Malted Milk Tiffin….

You know the score by now, I love to make something quick and easy- a lazy bake! The more chocolatey the better in my eyes!!

I saw this delish recipe on one of those Facebook posts that stops you mid scroll, leaving you drooling and tagging your friends in the hope that someone will make it for you! No one has made it for me (tut tut) so I thought why not grab all the bits and make it myself plusss this is a perfect naughty treat to enjoy over the festive season with friends.

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The 4 gift guide rule…I’m adopting…

This will be Sonnys second Christmas and although its all very exciting I find buying presents for him really tricky not to mention, what do you get a child that seems to have everything ohh and don’t get me started on the toy mess!

Last year he was 5 months old and didn’t really need anything major plus he had no idea what was happening so buying gifts seemed really strange.

This year I have tried to  think about a Christmas list for him, ready in case anyone asks me but most importantly I have decided that I am going to adopt the 4 gift guide rule as a way to streamline what we give him; that way it will be consistent each year and fair.

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A Christmas night in….

I love a night in…good thing with a toddler in tow! So it’s no surprise that a Christmas night in is my ultimate fav thing to do! Hot chocolate in hand whilst gazing at the twinkly Christmas tree, festive film on TV and a bottomless pit on chocolates perched on your lap…calories don’t count at Christmas right??!

Whether its with the girls or the hubby, I love nothing more than making the house super cosy, snuggled in my Pjs with that excited feeling in the air.

Wintery nights are even more exciting again now we have Sonny and I definitely want to pass on some Christmas traditions and that fluttery festive excitement down to him.

Our nights have consisted of Christmas books before bed, hot chocolate and plenty of vlogmas viewing along with present wrapping…of course sipping on mulled wine and with the big Chrismas eve only a few days away that dizzy childish feeling is approaching thick and fast….

I wish you all a cosy snuggly and delish Christmas

Love Harriet x


Making Friends when your an adult…

You think when your little, you’ll meet your friends in reception class aged 5 and grow up inseparable, you’ll be each others Bridesmaids, God parents to their children and everything will be perfect because you swapped pogs and had matching pencil cases.. friends together forever.

A lot of people are still firm friends with their little mates they made way back when and that’s so sweet but in reality alot of people aren’t still in contact because we grow, we change and maybe the same taste in pencil case doesn’t equate to the same interests or outlooks in life.

I know I found my best friends around college age, I met people who shared the same genuine interests as me, all at the same stage of life, just starting to go out clubbing…we shared many chinese meals for 1, swigging lambrini whilst working out how the hell you put make up on or god forbid mastering fake tan. We got to know their parents because we stayed over every Saturday night. Growing and learning together, a great time to make some firm friends for life.

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