Celebrating our 2nd Wedding anniversary….Celtic Manor

2 years has flown by, that amazing wedding day back in August 2014 went too quickly but the memories and the fun we had at our wedding always puts a big smile on my face!

In our 7 and a half years of being together, Ian and I have never really made a big ‘thing’ of our anniversaries, instead opting for the cliché,  why celebrate just on one day, every day should be special blah blah, I was fine with that back then but now that we are married it seems important to take some time out and celebrate the milestone every year, even just a ‘date’ to get away from the day to day parenthood seems so special and rare now a days.

Our first anniversary last year, was very different; We had a week old baby and both full immersed in a blurry bubble of parenthood however, we still managed to go for a lovely afternoon tea with new human in tow. The only draw back was that we rushed the afternoon, constantly checking on our sleeping baby, worried by the restrictions of feeding/ nap time and unsure how long we could push being out with a newborn (oh if what we knew now)

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