Positive Body Image + TV and TOWIE….

Ok, so I’m sure some of you will be thinking this is a strange post title and a strange topic buttttt bear with me whilst I make sense of my thoughts and explain my opinion, you may think totally different and that’s of course fine…….

I grew up in the Kate Moss/ Victoria Beckham era, size zero had just become a ‘thing’ ,Paris and Nicole were splashed all over MTV and the magazines filled with tiny Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, a scary time for teenage girls!  Waif wasn’t my body type or the girls around me however, we were brainwashed to believe this was normal and desirable. Fast forward into my twenties and I feel like the dynamic is slightly shifting.                                                                                                    Love them or hate them the Kardashians allowed a new body type to be accepted and appreciated, programmes such as ‘Coleen’s real women’ ‘Trinny and Susanna’ and ‘Loose Women’ helped to fill our screens with normal women; women with all different shapes and sizes who all looked great and didn’t conform to one stereotype.
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An Outfit Post….A Wedding day in August

Today I wanted to share an outfit with you that I wore last weekend to my brother in laws special day (I apologise for the poor quality photos, time was running away!)   Now, I think there is a scale on how smart or how dressed up you should be when attending a wedding, this relates to the venue and vibe of each individual occasion and is often hinted in the style of invite you receive.

Last year 3 of my best friends got married in the space of 6 months and each wedding was so incredibly different! One was in a castle with a very smart tweed theme, one was a winter wedding with an amazing array of fur and winter charm, the third was fabulously floral with a nod to spring…que 3 very different wedding guest outfits to match and a lot of fun to go with it!

Guests have a duty to dress appropriately and follow the correct etiquette but more recently its become acceptable to put a little more ‘edge’ or personal style into your look. As a wedding planner I’ve noticed an increasing number of smart jumpsuits and ladies tailored suits making an appearance, not everyone is in a standard dress/facilitator combo! (not that there is anything wrong with this..I mean when do you normally get to don the feathered hair piece!) but its coll to see individual style.

When choosing my outfit for this wedding I considered a few factors…Firstly travelling – the journey to Ipswich is a good 5ish hours therefore I needed something easy to pack, Weather – being August you want lightweight, breathable fabric so you are not boiling over whilst the vows are being read! Mum factor- It needs to be comfortable enough to run around after a toddling baby and lastly, Theme- The ceremony was in a church with reception in a cute village hall complete with garden flowers and bunting, therefore it had a relaxed twist…the top hat and tails needn’t be dusted off!

The wedding was arranged in 6 weeks and due to being back at work and the thought of juggling town with a baby in tow, I opted to raid my wardrobe and wear something I already had.




I love this pale blue New Look wrap skirt, it  was comfortable and can be easily dressed down with a tee. Dorothy Perkins White Cami top, I have a million cami’s and they never let me down!

Nude New Look bag and the floral shoes from Dorothy Perkins both purchased in previous sales and our well loved in my wardrobe!

I don’t wear loads of jewellery but I love these Accessorize earrings for a bit of glitz and I obviously had to wear my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Miranda May!

Love Harriet x


The dreaded Mum Guilt….

Guilt in any situation is a horrible feeling but often guilt is a reaction of something you’ve done wrong or related to something you had control off…Mum guilt on the other hand, feels completely different and can be hard to shake off.

Since being a mum, I question every decision, every action, wondering if its the best or correct way and how my choice will effect this little person and although this dependence can be empowering its also very stressful, with the stress often comes pressure and then the monster that is guilt.

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Lusty Glaze Beach…Newquay

Lusty Glaze has been mentioned to me for a long time now, lots of friends have described it as a MUST  place to go when in Newquay therefore, its been on my ‘list’ for a long time. As we were holidaying nearby, it was the perfect opportunity for Ian and I to slip off and enjoy a lunch date together whilst Sonny was thoroughly spoilt by his grandparents.

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