Mini Holiday…St Ives and its neighbours…

St Ives you never disappoint, you little gem of beautiful blue sea, creamy sandy beach and hub of of local this I mean fudge, ice cream you know the situ! .

Back in gloomy February my dad suggested booking a summer mini break to Cornwall and in particular Hayle near St Ives, I think I probably squealed with excitement, July couldn’t come soon enough and already I was planning in my head all the lovely places we would be visiting!

Dad, along with the rest of the family arrived a couple days beforehand, tested out the BBQ (tough job!) and sent pictures of some truly tropical looking beaches whilst I was sat at my work desk (thanks dad!) So when Wednesday arrived we were packed and on the road by 8am ready to meet the family and start our mini break.

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Packing for our Mini Holiday….

Packing is hard…even harder when you are holidaying in the UK! We need double the amount of stuff because in typical British fashion, it can be sunny one second and full blown rain the next (#preyforsun)

For me the packing process starts about 2 weeks beforehand because I am a list maker…a fully obsessed list maker, I make a list, I rip it up, make another, write it up neater..yep sad I know but it pleases me and I know to some of my friends reading this, creating a list pleases you too (Dora, Laura, amongst many others!)

I also have the mammoth task of packing for an 11 month old, stair gate and all… but that post is for another time!

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Importance of Mum Friends….

Ask me pre mum life if I could imagine myself willingly attending ‘mum and baby’ classes, groups and planned activities, I would have given a look of noooo way, other screaming babies, whilst strangers are thrown together expecting to share birthing stories, no details spared??? you must be crazy…

Crazy hell no, for me these strangers have helped me, they have put a smile on my face when I was feeling like I was the only one so tired I could fall asleep on the spot, they have given me reassurance, tried and tested advice rather then the sometimes pushy professional text book approaches, they have become a fab set of friends!

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Charlotte Tilbury…Hot Lips First Impressions..

I did it, I bit the bullet and ordered myself a Charlotte Tilbury hot lips lipstick, after coveting for a while over her gorgeous products, one tired Sunday evening I thought why not??…next minute I’m confirming my order and its mine!

Charlotte Tilbury has been a make up artist since the 90s and her work graces the cover of practically all our favourite magazines, she has an impressive following with the likes of Kimmy K, Natalie Portman and Kate Moss amongst her biggest supporters, so clearly she must be doing something right!

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Looking after yourself….

I am a massive advocate of taking time for yourself, whether its a quiet walk by yourself, an exercise class or if your lucky an amazing spa treatment, I think that taking some time for yourself should be a priority… a priority in order to keep sane!

We all have busy bustling lives, juggling many different priorities and often leaving our own needs to the bottom of the pile. I know before I had Sonny I was running between a million different things, over booking myself and burning the candle at both ends big time!

Now that I am a mum, the overload has truly blown up. I obviously now have a massive priority that takes up the majority of my time (which is fab, may I add) however, the other jobs haven’t gone away, throw part time work into the mix along with the normal house, day to day tasks and you have yourself a busy ol’ cocktail right there!

I’ll grasp onto any remains of a social life I can plus I am lucky to have a husband who understands an exercise class is a great remedy for me to switch off.

I know  I ‘m starting to feel like a re-charge is needed, my energy levels feel decreased, my skin looks lack lustre and I just feel a little bit mehh…Its time for a little pinch of ‘me’ time to get some sparkle back, sooooo a date with myself will firmly be on the cards soon!

In the meantime I’ll get way tooo excited about my evening wind down routine of make up off, pyjamas on, cup of tea, something sweet in hand whilst firmly planted on the sofa! Its the little things like this, a little breathing space, good for the soul!

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What are your favourite things to keep yourself happy and looked after? I’d love more ideas…

Love Harriet x