2 Skin Care products i’m loving…..august…

2 Skin Care products i’m loving…..august…

I am a massive skin care fan, I can appreciate a good cleanse and love to feel that make up off, fresh face feeling.

It was time to purchase some new additions to my skin care draw and after a bit of research and stalking, I stumbled across these two lovelies….


Craving a new cleanser to really get that make-up and pollution off, I purchased the ‘Clinique take the day off’ cleansing balm, after a promise to melt (love that word) even the most stubborn products, I was instantly sold! The balm is so easy to apply and turns into a silky oil once touched, it doesn’t have a scent but it does give you a super clean feeling and deep cleanse within minutes, perfect for the lazy girl inside us.



My other skin issue is that, I am desperate for a hydrating night cream. My skin feels so dry at the moment and I love the idea of applying a cream before bed and waking up super fresh and hydrated.  The ‘Super Facialist by Una Brennan – Rose Hydrate Peaceful skin, night cream’ (mouthful I know!) kept popping up in some fab reviews and with a price point of £10 you haven’t got much to loose!

The cream is a lovely consistency, thick enough and smooth yet not greasy or caked, it soaked into the skin quickly. The scent is quite Rosy…a little bit on the granny side but I didn’t mind it. I am enjoying using it so far and do feel like my skin is looking more refreshed and less dehydrated, so I look forward to seeing if it becomes a staple in my routine.


You can purchase the Clinique take the day off here and you can get your hands on Super Facialist here

Do you have a fav cleanser or moisturiser? I’d love some inspo for next time!


Love Harriet x


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